Which system has the best tagline?

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Poll: Which system has the best tagline? (36 votes)

PS4 (Greatness Awaits) 58%
Xbox One (Jump Ahead) 8%
Wii U (How U Will Play Next) 11%
Nintendo 3DS (Take A Look Inside) 8%
PS Vita (Never Stop Playing) 14%

Which system had the best marketing tagline?

My personal favorite is the PS4's Greatness Awaits. it just gets you pumped. Microsoft was pretty unimaginative with the Xbox One, the Wii U was a missed opportunity (they should have continued from 'Wii Would Like To Play' and made it 'Wii Would Like U To Play'), PS Vita's gets the point across but is boring, the 3DS is my second favorite, because it sells the premise of the system well.

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#1 Posted by Lucianu (10283 posts) -

Genesis does what Nintendon't.

But from your poll, bro, all of them are painfully plain and boring ...

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#2 Posted by Trail_Mix (2579 posts) -

Is the Wii U's even proper English?

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@Trail_Mix said:

Is the Wii U's even proper English?

It's an incomplete clause. It was actually Wii U: What U Will Play Next.

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It's easiest to pun the PS4 slogan but honestly none strike me.

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#6 Posted by Trail_Mix (2579 posts) -
@charizard1605 said:

@Trail_Mix said:

Is the Wii U's even proper English?

It's an incomplete clause. It was actually Wii U: What U Will Play Next.

Sorry, still sounds kinda weird to me, even when saying it out loud as a whole. heh

I like your version in the OP better.

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PS Vita's is actually pretty good when you think about what the system actually is

I chose PS4s though

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#8 Posted by PannicAtack (21040 posts) -

The PS4 is best. Sony's pretty good at advertising.

I miss Kevin Butler.

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#9 Posted by TrevorPhilips (996 posts) -

@PannicAtack: Yeah KB was awesome. I saw him in a Wendy's commercial the other day, though.

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#10 Posted by treedoor (7648 posts) -

All of them are awful

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Nintendo: Wii will wait with U

Ye, I'm terrible at this.

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#12 Posted by lonewolf604 (8648 posts) -

Nintendo Weeeeeee

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#13 Posted by PhazonBlazer (12013 posts) -

Nintendo: Please Understand.

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"Greatness Awaits." It sounds epic, and it's completely too. There's no greatness at launch and we'll have to wait a long time for it.

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They're all boring.

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PS4's is defiantly the best one.

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#17 Posted by glez13 (9780 posts) -

Greatness Awaits, by far.

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#18 Posted by Basinboy (13255 posts) -

All equally forgettable

"This is for the gamers" is the best one around right now

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#19 Posted by Couth_ (10369 posts) -

PC: Master Race and it aint even close

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"greatness awaits" will probably be an infinite source of mockery and amusement over the coming years, just you wait

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"Year of the Luigi" is the best tagline for the Nintendo. It just shows you the branding of how Nintendo DGAF about PS4 or Xbox One launching

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They're all pretty lame lol.