VG24/7: Xbox One: for every feature in a launch game,

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Shot captured from Titanfall on Xbox One 240p in-game footage.
Shot captured from Titanfall on Xbox One 240p in-game footage.

- we’ve got five in the queue, says Harrison

It follows the announcement of 32 developers signed up to ID@Xbox, Microsoft’s charge into the indie space. As you may know, independent titles often deliver bold new ideas and features. This could go a long way towards what Harrison has said.


On where the console’s features set might grow and the malleability afforded by the cloud, Harrison continued, “Crucially this time around, there’s the power of the cloud and what that means for game design. That can grow and scale indefinitely – of course there is a practical limit but in effect you’re uncapped. And I think, from a player’s perspective, that’s the most exciting part; that it’s not just about the chips in the box under the television or wherever you position your console of choice, it’s about what the platform will provide you with over time. We’ve not had that in a console generation before.”

There are more ideas and vision for what games can be than available time to build them into the launch games,” he added, “So for every feature you’ve seen in the launch titles – SmartGlass, GameDVR, use of voice with Kinect – there are five features in the queue waiting to come out, either in an update or a sequel or in a future version of a game. The kind of creative and technical innovation that we’re seeing in the industry – it’s a really good time.

Titanfall anyone?

What’s your view?


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Show, don't tell, Harrison. Where are the games???

Harrison banging on about "da clowd" reminds me of when he messed up the PS3 launch too. Urgh, just go away.

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Daily dose of PR.....

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Already a thread.