The system war that is going on in my head

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I've never been a fanboy or chose a console because of a brand. I more try to get the one that fits my needs. Each console offers different things. Most of the same games. I had an xbox 360 last gen and it was fine. Live was fast. downloads were fast. updates and content always seemed to come first and more often on the 360. multiplats ran better. I ended up getting a ps3 though end of gen because throughout the gen i missed out on exclsuives i really wanted to play. The controller was perfect to me minus some of the cheap stuff on the 360 controller.

I play the show. I like uncharted, infamous etc. I like the ps3 exclusives much more than halo or gears.

Thing is this gen is different. xbox one seems to have more newer ips and exclusives. Sony seems to be rehashing the same ones. Still prefer uncharted, mlb the show and infamous. Reading digital foundry the ps4 seems to have a slight edge in multiplat performance so far. Slightly better hardware. PSN is now fast. So that's been corrected.

Xbox one has some thigns that are pushing things forward though like tv integration and everything else. Exclusive games also seem to be newer and more interesting. not a big fan of voice control or the camera but having everything integrated is kind of nice.... Plus better services..

Was just breaking down the top 5 heavy hitting games on each console and i came up with this

Xbox one

1. Halo

2. Quantum Break

3. Fable Legends

4. Titanfall

5. D4

others worth mentioning-Forza, Sunset Overdrive, some other smaller titles that look kind of neat. MS actually has more big budget exclusives with Ryse, Dead Rising, Killer Instinct so far but eh....


1. Uncharted

2. MLB THe Show

3. Infamous

4. The Order

5. Killzone

others worth mentioning-grand turismo? Drive Club. A lot of indie titles. Exclusives seem to be somewhat limited though. Little big planet could care less about... Quantic Dream is always good. Knack stunk.

I'm not going to own 2 consoles this gen. Having a pc is almost enough and i want to get rid of my 360 and ps3 as it is. It's overkill. I would like a console though. I was at best buy the other day and they had a ps4 in stock and it was difficult not to buy it so I did, but I haven't opened it yet. this is what i've broken down so far as far as me. I'm a bit stuck. it's almost worth waiting but the ps4 is less expensive and a decent deal and it was there.

Am I wrong in thinking a lot of the xbox one games will also be on pc where the ps4 games won't be? Anyways that is the system war that is going on in my head right now. If anyone want's to help me decide go right ahead.

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I think i'm pretty spot on as far as heavy hitter games...... Also don't understand why mlb the show is not considered an exclusive. That is a huge selling point for some people. Because it's on vita that doesn't make it exclusive? Uncharted also has games on vita.

Still wondering what secret games are going to be unveiled as time goes by.......