So now that's it's been this long..

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What are your final thoughts on the Hype fest God theft Auto 5?

Personally, i think it met my hype, GS hype and the worlds hype and that it's an amazing game.

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GTA 5. Have only played like 2-3 hours of it but it's a truly amazing game. This is is my first GTA game though, I played a bit of the old ones but don't know, they didn't interest me but GTA 5 hooked me on the graphics and then on on all the stuff you could do and not to mention the crazy story.

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Game was fun and met my hype.

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Very enjoyable. I'll be going back every now and again to play online with friends and check out the new content.

I do feel like people had weird expectations about the game and are disappointed because of them. One of the most common complains I see is "Oh I stopped playing it already" OK, and? I'm not playing it that much at the moment but considering I've put like 170 hours into it that would be a pretty silly complaint for me to have and I'm sure it's similar with others. I guess some people only care about length - they sound like my ex girlfriend, ahurhurhur.

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Totally lived up my hype and expectations.

The game is just perfect.The online sucks though.

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It was pretty good, but I feel like I should've rented it. I mean, I don't even play it anymore lol....

Only tried the online portion once, when it first released, when all those errors were abundant. Haven't since.

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@Gue1 said:
This is is my first GTA game


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@mems_1224 said:
@Gue1 said:
This is is my first GTA game


It was mine too. Not sure why that'd be funny though.

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Exceeded my hype. Played the game once and clocked in over 80hours on my 1st playthrough and it made me wanna do it all over again. Online is decent but it's a work in progress so i won't give it a hard time.

Trevor and Lamar made SP for me:-P

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Great game. Just disappointing.

GTA4+EFLC are better.

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Grand Theft Auto V is still the best game I have played this year, but wow the hype was like the second coming of Jesus.

And the story was flawed, it had no villain/s or at least not an intimidating one. It was also very short for a Grand Theft Auto games.

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My first GTA game too and I must say, I was impressed by it.

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Exceeded all my expectations as GTA 4 was a big let down to me

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Was a great looking and a solid gameplay game story was good but a bit rushed and no offence but grand theft auto is ment to be about doing bad things not playing tennis and doing triathlons or yoga id of rather had robbing houses and doing other mini jobs because once you end the game there is nothing to do. Online is ok but there isn't any real aim in it just mad fun and got boring. But overall it was ok

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Havent played it, but I dont really have an urge to play it either.

Its weird... I was so hype when it got announced, but as the hype train came rolling in, the more tirned off I was by the game to the point where I cancelled my pre-order cuz I didnt feel like spending $60 on it.

I'll play it one day, but Im not excited for it in the slightest. I'll just play it just to say that I've played it.