Smash Ultimate is the greatest game of all time.

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The ceiling has been reached. It's over. Your life now belongs to Sakurai and his amazing team. Smash Ultimate is the best game ever created by human beings in the history of time and space. I'm ready.....are you?

Switch the best maaaaannnn! Listen....

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inb4 lock

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even cows cant disagree

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Haven't played Smash Bros. since the Gamecube when my son needed someone to play with. Horrible game. Glad he's old enough that I don't have to play that crap anymore.

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Nah, that's fallout 76

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Smash Ultimate is not the greatest game in my books. I prefer Sonic more

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Smash Ultimate is just an overrated port by Nintendo fanboys who think every Nintendo game is a 10/10. They are delusional and create threads like these.

Smash has always been a good 7 or 8/10 series that peaked with Melee. It’s been bad since.

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I don't know about greatest of all time, but I am VERY READY for this game tonight!