Should I cut my losses with XBox? E68 error

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In a nutshell, I have a lightly used, perfectly maintained 360S that went bad in 16 months. There seems to be a LOT of this type of thing relating to XBox. If I send it in and have it repaired for $80, is this going to be a recurring problem? BTW, EVERY Nintendo product I've ever owned still works....over 30 years on some.

Thanks for the help.

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You were a member since 1990? and you only just started posting now? holy ****

Did they even have computers back then?

Also.. i would send the 360 in for repair.

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@Sweenix: barely

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@thecgclan said:

@Sweenix: barely

I admire you, it take's a true warrior to wait all these years to post.

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Lol at profile date glitch. Anyway you need to have 500 posts to create a thread on SW.If you want to learn more about this new rule please look at the link that will be posted in this post.