Nintendo, Sony Thrilled as China Considers Lifting 12 Year Ban on Console Sales

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Looks like Sony's and Ninty's stock in Asia shall be rising soon.

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#52 Posted by Caseytappy (2199 posts) -

You are nuts if you think the Chinese will buy mass products from Japan .

MS has a much bigger Chance there .

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Even more proof that nintendo and sony are geared for kiddies.

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[QUOTE="caseypayne69"]Now Japan can lift the ban on US cars.caseypayne69


Because it's bad business to import and not export something. I see no reason for Japan to not allow American Cars into their country brand new. Even Toyota partnered with GM to sell Cavaliers in Japan. They were called Toyota Cavaliers. I find Japan lame for that reason. They only want there people buy their products. I think the US should be that way and kick them out if the trend continues.

I think it could be result of WWII.

South Korea wasn't allowed to have Japanese products because they banned them after WWII. China had a ban on console sales but they still didn't really allow Nintendo to use their actual name. Nintendo had to create a company in China just to release GBA series, DS series, and 3DS series.

They also released the N64 under the name iQue Player since iQue is the name of that company but they didn't release any of their other consoles in China since the iQue Player they were going to release the iQue Wii but they couldn't it was only released in Hong Kong and it was under Nintendo's own name.