Nintendo; "In the long-term, perhaps our focus as a business could shift away from home consoles"

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I'm not sure why some people are responding like this is a done deal. He was answering a hypothetical question about what Nintendo might do in the future if the market changed significantly.

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#102 Posted by Grey_Eyed_Elf (6389 posts) -

Well they are already half way their with the Switch being basically a tablet you can dock... Not to mention the fact they stopped chasing graphics after the NGC, so for them to transition into the mobile market wouldn't be hard as mobile devices are getting close to matching the specifications need to play Nintendo games and if Nintendo releases a new Switch that is barely stronger than the current one it would hold them back even more in terms of power and it would let the mobile market catch up in terms of hardware and bam they would have a Handheld console hybrid BUT you can also buy their games on mobile platforms.

I can see it happening, the ONLY issue is they would have to dumb down the controls since mobiles and tablets don't come with controllers... I think maybe after the coming generation I can see it happening.

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I think the hybrid console suits nintendo perfectly they won't ever enter the home console market. Attempting to compete graphically and performance wise with Sony and MS would put Nintendo in trouble. They can cater to their market perfectly with what they are doing.

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Console gaming is dying.

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Nintendo should. I think for the first time in many generations, they've found the sweet spot with the Switch. But they've always excelled in handhelds. The Wii was a one off with the motion controls. Other than that, as much as I love the N64, they haven't done great since the SNES. As a business, they have to consider letting go. But I don't think they have to completely let go. They should continue the Switch as a line, perhaps with new iterations every few years that are fully backward compatible. Stick to hybrids, handhelds and mobile gaming.

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@pelvist: not really. It's more that console exclusives is becoming an outdated business model that achieves nothing, Microsoft and Nintendo are right that companies shouldn't develop exclusives to one device.

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@KBFloYd said:
@mandzilla said:

@fedor: Wow, 90%? I didn't realise it was such a sausage fest over on the Switch.

i expect its even worse on shitstation and xbox imo

Lmao, shitstation, stay salty :)

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@dzimm said:

I'm not sure why some people are responding like this is a done deal. He was answering a hypothetical question about what Nintendo might do in the future if the market changed significantly.

People read either what they want to read or they really don't want to read.

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@Jacanuk said:
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They won't cheer with glee for long when they find out that Nintendo going third party means mobile only. :p

Too bad. He literally just said movies, theme parks, merchandising, and mobile. Either take their games on the Switch or take them on mobile devices. Your pick.

These are examples of dumb hardcores. Nintendo won't make games for Xbox/PS/PC. They'll make them strictly for mobile devices. I'll honestly laugh at the hardcores wanting them to go third party when they only make games for mobile. Talk about karma.

So what makes you think Nintendo would limit themselves if they ever went ahead with cross-platform development?

It would make zero sense businesswise for Nintendo to limit it to mobile only, it would make less sense than if they sold their company to Sony or MS.

It makes perfect business sense to do so. Mobile platforms have a larger user base than consoles and PC combined. Why would they spend more money making big budget games for consoles/PC for a smaller return than if they had made simple game, with an appropriate pricing model, for phones. Less money used to make the games, but a higher return. That, plus their revenue from movies, merchandising, and the theme park. Why would they go to consoles?

I honestly think it's wishful thinking that Nintendo would develop for Xbox/PlayStation. I mean look at Konami for example. People swore that going Pachinko and mobile would ruin them, but they've been reporting higher profits so far. : /