Lets face it: SONY owns 2018.

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#51 Posted by henrythefifth (2502 posts) -

I can already see that SONY exclusives are getting more GOTY awards and nominations this year than any other single genre.

That just proves the point, really. SONY is the king.

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#52 Posted by FLOPPAGE_50 (4493 posts) -

2 games on an inferor console

Wow, i feel bad for you kids that missed out on the ps2/3

The ps4 has been a letdown compared to those previous systems

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#53 Posted by ni6htmare01 (3785 posts) -

With games like GOW, Marvel Spider-Man and 2 Yakuza games.. yeah they own 2018 imo.

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#54 Posted by Mandzilla (4111 posts) -

@FLOPPAGE_50: The PS2 especially was legendary. PS3 had more variety in it's exclusives lineup.

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#55 Posted by Zappat (1595 posts) -
@FLOPPAGE_50 said:

2 games on an inferor console

Wow, i feel bad for you kids that missed out on the ps2/3

The ps4 has been a letdown compared to those previous systems

Imagine the other systems this gen then. If PS4 is a disappointment then the others are straight up turds.

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#56 Edited by The-A-Baum (1363 posts) -

Oh Snap! All this constant flow of positive Xbox news got you Cows shook!

Don't worry there is always E3, oh wait they got nothing to show.

Nice to see 8 year old promises by Sony finally paid off. Good for them and good for gamers all around. Congrats Sony.

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#57 Posted by svaubel (4132 posts) -

@FLOPPAGE_50: Thats how I feel. PS2 and 3 are two of my favorite systems. But for some reason the PS4... Sony’s exclusives just arent doing it for me this gen.

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#58 Posted by Zaryia (9059 posts) -

I'm starting to think Sony has payed bot farms spamming shit like this all over the internet just like how Russia did to our election.

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#59 Posted by Karnage108 (2497 posts) -

@sealionact said:

Even I would say Sony won 2018....if it were a race. Not sure how you had the cojones to mention Detroit as somehow being a fun, or good game though.

Still, horses for courses....they haven't done anything to convert me. Not one decent FPS exclusive - the best looking, best performing ones are on x1x. No competition for fh4, and as much as you obviously need to knock it, Sea of Thieves is the type of laidback fun game sorely missing on PS4. Little gems like ori and cuphead, along with the overwhelmingly better features and support on Xbox means I get a much better experience where I am.

damn, this 100%. There's no doubt that ps4 gets more exclusives, but X1 kills ps4 in other areas. I own both and I usually game on PC, but the x1 is the only console I really feel like turning on these days.

And the water in Sea of Thieves with an x1x is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

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#60 Posted by Longsnout (180 posts) -

Yay GoW and RDR2 but Detroit? Really?

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#61 Posted by Gamerno6666 (6808 posts) -

GOW alone won 2018 for sony.

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#62 Posted by cainetao11 (36598 posts) -

Gave me GoW and Spider-Man. I loved the first had fun with the other. But Red Dead redemption 2 owned most play time for me this year. R* are the dev that don’t have to go to any conventions and all others schedule themselves around them. They run this industry