Games you have bought but still need to play.

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#1 Posted by PCgameruk (2199 posts) -

Everyone has games they bought that have just been left waiting to be played. Probably because they were cheap when you came across them or you just got hooked on another game. PC gamers for sure will have a library of games not touched because of sales. Here's mine..


  • Fallout 4
  • MGSV Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain
  • Vanquish
  • AC Rogue
  • AC Origins (currently playing)
  • Watch Dogs 2


  • Zelda BOTW, i finished main story last night but still loads to do!


  • The Last of us
  • Horizon Zero Dawn Complete edition
  • Uncharted 4
  • Uncharted The lost legacy


  • Has no games to finish
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#2 Posted by DoroG1995 (2523 posts) -

I have bought Evil Within 2 but due to my bad internet I have not download it yet .

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#4 Edited by MonsieurX (38483 posts) -

Enjoy the ban!

As for the thread

Bioshock Infinite

Metro 2033

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#5 Edited by UssjTrunks (11288 posts) -

Too many to list thanks to Steam sales. As a PC gamer, recent AAA games only cost $5-10. Indie games go for $1-5.

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#7 Posted by getyeryayasout (11990 posts) -

@MonsieurX said:
@erke2200 said:

best free games available in 2018

Enjoy the ban!

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#8 Edited by jun_aka_pekto (24985 posts) -

None. I played every game I bought.

Now, if the thread title was Games I Played and Got Bored With, I have several. It's no coincidence they're all 3rd-person games.

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#9 Posted by nintendoboy16 (35573 posts) -


Okami HD

Tales of the Borderlands (GWG)

Zombi (GWG)

Back to the Future (GWG)

Borderlands: Handsome Collection

XBOX 360:


The Simpsons Game

X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Uncaged

Wii U:

Bayonetta 2

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

Steamworld Collection

Mario 3D World

Zelda: Breath of the Wild

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#10 Posted by NoodleFighter (9815 posts) -

95% of my Steam library

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#11 Posted by Open_Lane (74 posts) -

Re5, re6 and last of us

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#12 Posted by DaVillain- (33754 posts) -

Games I haven't even started yet would be:

  • Haydee
  • Ghost Recon: Wildlands
  • Middle-Earth: Shadow of War
  • Sonic Mania
  • Gundam Versus

That about covers it and unknown more games I may have overlooked in my Steam Library but other then that, those games I listed are the one's I bought in 2017.

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#13 Posted by 2Chalupas (6966 posts) -

Too many to list. Especially if we count steam sales or digital PSN games (or PS+) - which would probably be more than 100 total. But really, I had quite a few physical games untouched as well. A few dozen at least between PS3/PS4/3DS. My PS3 backlog at this point will probably never be touched. Maybe I'll give it another got to clean up some games I really did want to play, but it's tough to spend time with PS3 with a growing PS4 backlog.

My problem lately has been that I've been spending time on "time-sink" games like MGS V and Battlefront 2, and even some of my backlog are huge time sinks. I should probably spend a few months just playing 10 hour single player campaigns just so I feel I'm putting a dent in my backlog.

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#14 Posted by randomHALT (129 posts) -

Persona 5 and Xenoblade 2. 100+ hours into X2 but just can't bring myself to finish it.

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#15 Posted by MarioFan264 (1012 posts) -

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

I got both on sale from Best Buy a couple of years or so ago, and both games sadly had some issues that made it hard for me to really get into them (Luigi's Mansion only allows you to save in between missions, which is horrible for a portable game or any game in general. ALBW is just directionless and I'm not really fond of playing ALTTP look-alike game anyway)

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#16 Posted by PrincessGomez92 (5566 posts) -

Well, the Vita games I've bought, but that's simply because my Vita hasn't arrived yet.


Blue Reflection

de Blob

I know there's plenty of others.

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#17 Posted by Archangel3371 (26711 posts) -

A lot. :P

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#18 Posted by Life-is-a-Game (658 posts) -

Wolfenstein two pack

Yakuza Kiwami

Witcher 3


Kirby Planet Robobot

Currently playing Hellblade

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#19 Posted by DrLostRib (4565 posts) -


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#20 Posted by AdobeArtist (25063 posts) -

@MonsieurX said:

Enjoy the ban!

As for the thread

Bioshock Infinite

Metro 2033

DON'T quote a bannable post when you reply, that just perpetuates the illegal content. 🤨😒

And for myself;

Alan Wake American Nightmare
Bioshock Infinite (part of trilogy where I already played first game)
Black Desert Online
Borderlands 2
Darksiders 2
DOOM (new one obviously)
Elder Scrolls Morrowwind
Elite Dangerous
Fallout 4
Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
Mark of the Ninja
Metro Last Light Redux (2033 was played but not finished)
Shadow of Mordor
Ori and the Blind Forest
Payday 2
Sniper Elite 3
Wolfenstein 2
Mirror's Edge 2

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#21 Posted by R4gn4r0k (29823 posts) -

Thank you steam sales, greenmangaming and humble bundles for all these games I haven't played yet.

Thanks a lot guys !

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#22 Posted by Grey_Eyed_Elf (5980 posts) -

Batman Arkham Knight... I got it during the Christmas steam sale and have yet to play it.

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#23 Posted by Litchie (22900 posts) -

None, actually. I seem to buy games I want to play.

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#24 Posted by Flubbbs (4968 posts) -

I have like 6 or 7 PS4 games still sitting in the plastic and just opened Doom up yesterday

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#25 Posted by Howmakewood (5567 posts) -

@Grey_Eyed_Elf: Bought all the Batmans on sale as well, managed to finish Asylum so far

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#26 Posted by Grey_Eyed_Elf (5980 posts) -

@howmakewood said:

@Grey_Eyed_Elf: Bought all the Batmans on sale as well, managed to finish Asylum so far

I played the first Asylum the day it was available and loved it... Arkham City launched when I was busy and I didn't have the time to fully immerse my self in it, Knight just came out with serious issues on PC so I avoided it and now I just can't stop playing PUBG so pretty much every game right now is being ignored even BoTW on my Switch has taken a passenger seat.

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#27 Edited by 2Chalupas (6966 posts) -

@Litchie said:

None, actually. I seem to buy games I want to play.

I'm sure most people that have huge backlogs are buying games they "want" to play, I sure as hell don't buy any rubbish games. The problem is most of us get lured by the "sales" and end up with more things than we legitimately have time for. This is especially true this time of year, I got a bunch of games from Black Friday and Christmas gifts that I probably won't finish for months - and a few I haven't even started yet. Yet, I'm sure throughout 2018 I'll buy at least a few games, ad also participate in a few digital sales. Hell, I still have Christmas stuff from prior years that I still "want" to play, but haven't had time to start yet - because there are also games on the horizon that I anticipate even more. That's before we even get into the random digital games, which is where most people probably really pile onto their games backlog (Steam sales, PSN flash sales, and such).

I try not to buy games "just for the hell of it" unless I feel the price is so ridiculously low that it probably won't go any lower. Generally, if I'm buying a game brand new on release, I'll get into it right away (otherwise it would be an even more ridiculous waste). If it's an older game, then I'll just play it whenever.

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#28 Edited by KungfuKitten (26051 posts) -

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Elite Dangerous: Horizons (I'm looking into setting up VR + HOTAS + Voice Attack but man that's a lot of trouble to play one game)

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky

Shadow Warrior 2

Oh and the BOTW DLC's (both).

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#29 Posted by xantufrog (10360 posts) -

Oh god, too many to list. I used to be so good about this, but my career has just exploded in time commitment in the last 5 years and I've slid off my high horse into a lot of backlog

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#30 Posted by PimpHand_Gamer (2830 posts) -

According to Steamdb. I have 51 games I have yet to play.

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#31 Posted by foxhound_fox (97591 posts) -

3/4's of my Steam library, lol.

I've played probably more than 95% of them, but maybe for 20-30 minutes each.

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#32 Posted by GarGx1 (10718 posts) -

Quite a few, even more if I include games I haven't finished and intend to go back to.

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#33 Posted by PsychoLemons (3180 posts) -

Too many to list.

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#34 Posted by narlymech (1662 posts) -

Have quite the backlog here, too many

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#37 Posted by pelvist (7235 posts) -

As a PC gamer; too many and I have no idea how many that is. If I was sixteen id be in heaven as there would never be enough for me to play in the 16 bit era. Nowadays I get stuck into good games that keep me playing for weeks , months, years even. I just dont have time for everything.

Meanwhile on Xbox... an XBOX exclusive games drought.

Sorry couldnt resist, hey its SW.

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#38 Posted by Ovirew (8496 posts) -

I'm planning on jumping back into some games I played before, never finished, but very much would like to now.

In a way I think it was smart for XBox to invest in BC this gen, because there were many games over the past decade that I could stand to devote more time to.

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#39 Edited by KungfuKitten (26051 posts) -

This morning I set up my HOTASS and VR with Elite Dangerous and it seems to almost work perfectly now. Clutch wouldn't work (I don't know what clutch means but it didn't work) but I think I fixed it now. The game feels real cool in VR. I did the training mission to dock/launch and move the ship, and it gives stations and planets a sense of presence that feels, well, Dangerous.

I have no idea what the point of the game is, but I'll just fly around a little. I guess the point of a simmy space game is to do just that. But I like setting or having goals in a game. Guess I'll see what's for sale, and set an economic goal.

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#40 Edited by Johndmgs (317 posts) -

I picked up GTA4 Complete Edition on the PSN for €7.99 so I was thinking of giving that a look. Partly because I'm in the mood for something a bit more realistic, with all the GTA5 I've been playing lately, but also because I never got around to playing the Ballad of Gay Tony expansion.

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#41 Edited by sukraj (27846 posts) -

I have yet to play

Mafia 3, HZD, COD WW2, The Evil Within 2

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#42 Posted by ArchoNils2 (10256 posts) -

The list would be too big for this Gamespot post since it would include 100s, if not >1000 games. I have a lot of games collected I just never had the time to play.

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#43 Edited by UssjTrunks (11288 posts) -

Too many to list. Steam always gets me with their sales. When AAA games cost <$5, you tend to buy a lot of them. One of the many reasons why PC gaming is the best,

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#44 Posted by deactivated-5c18005f903a1 (4626 posts) -

I generally don’t buy games to stick in a back log that I’m never going to play. Although I did pick up Dark Souls 3 during the Steam Christmas sales and I’ve yet to start that as I’m to addicted to finding moons in Odyssey.

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#45 Posted by Jak42 (1091 posts) -

Persona 5 and Kingdom Hearts PS4 remaster.

Good luck trying to find time for MGSV. Even if you don't do all the extra stuff I did. You are still looking at a game that will take longer than the average RPG to finish.

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#46 Posted by shellcase86 (4174 posts) -

@jun_aka_pekto said:

None. I played every game I bought.


We seem to be a rare breed -- people who play the games they buy.

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#47 Posted by TryIt (13157 posts) -

Hobo: Tough Life

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#48 Posted by TryIt (13157 posts) -

@shellcase86 said:
@jun_aka_pekto said:

None. I played every game I bought.


We seem to be a rare breed -- people who play the games they buy.

checking in!

I have very few games with under 20 hours of play time. I did do two purchases that included 'other games' that I never played though.

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#49 Edited by gago-gago (12119 posts) -

I have over 360+ games installed on my 5TB external hard drive for my Xbox One. Thanks to consumer friendly options like GamePass, EA Access, Free Play Days and GwG, I don't know when I'll ever complete some of these games and finish them this gen. I did the same thing last gen where there were so many games but I didn't have time to play all of them. So this is why BC is so important because I get a chance to play those games that I've missed on current more reliable consoles. And thanks to things like Microsoft/Bing/Xbox Rewards which offers you free gift cards like Xbox gift cards and such, I've bought a bunch which got added to the backlog. It's just too many to count but in the hundreds. And they say Xbox have no games to play lol.

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#50 Posted by Coagulate (8 posts) -

I bought rocket league months ago because a friend recommended it, have yet to start the game