Dead Cells VS Rogue Legacy

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Posted by uninspiredcup (34353 posts) 4 months, 28 days ago

Poll: Dead Cells VS Rogue Legacy (15 votes)

Dead Cells 60%
Rogue Legacy 40%

Hello. This is a question. Rogue Legacy appears to be largely forgotten now, and Dead Cells is the hot shit, so much so IGN needed to steal reviews to articulate just how good it is.

I must admit my friends, Dead Cells done little for me, I have 30 hours in Rogue Legacy, probably get another dozen. I think it's a better game overall.

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Looks interesting

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They both equally suck because the entire genre is terrible.

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Hmm...this is a toughie. I'm inclined to go with Dead Cells since I still am playing it, and thoroughly enjoying it, especially with the new update and content.

However, Rogue Legacy was a game that I'd put scores of hours into. It looks great, plays great, and was a real innovative game when it came out. In fact, Dead Cells likely wouldn't exist as we know it today were it not for RL's influence.

I guess my final answer would have to be The Binding of Isaac + subsequent updates and dlc. It's the King, imo. I love it.

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@ajstyles said:

They both equally suck because the entire genre is terrible.

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I love them both very much.

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I feel a natural repulsion to games that describe themselves as rogue-like... don't know why.

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I don't mind rogue-like as long as the game is fair and has solid gameplay.

Suspect almost everyone saying "teh suck!", probably haven't even touched Rogue Legacy.

Which is disgusting, and wrong.

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I hated both of them, though Dead Cells managed to hold my attention for a bit longer.

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Both are awesome. I've become slightly bored with Dead Cells though, and that happened faster than it did with Rogue Legacy. Might be because Dead Cells is yet another roguelike and it might be because I'm beginning to be a bit bored of those. If I were to play one of those two today, it would definitely be Dead Cells, since I've played Rogue Legacy to death already.

Binding of Isaac still has the crown of roguelikes though. I doubt it will ever be topped.

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Outstanding thread.... I could talk about rogue legacy and dead cells for days.... Theyre both magically delicious games.

Tough for me to say any game I've played in the past several years has better gameplay than dead cells though... That game is a scary level of perfection.

Rogue Legacy charm is in not just in the excellently randomly generated levels, but the Heir selection that puts a twist on each run.... Its what dead cells is doing but dead cells does it in a way that makes the player adapt to ever changing variables of new weapons, approaches and power ups....

Dead cells is truthfully a further developed rogue legacy.

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@jg4xchamp: could never get into spelunky.... Tried, but meh...

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The 80's called, they want their games back. :P

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I think the game play of Dead Cells is better.

I loved Rogue Legacy though. The heir system was fun and unique.

...but yeah as far as pure fun game play I like Dead Cells better.

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Dead Cells for me, it's one of my fav games from last year :)

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I like rouge legacy a lot more.... I cant pinpoint why but it's one of my favorite games to 100%. The special bosses were great challenges ... seemed almost impossible at 1st till you find the openings.

I also really liked the castle upgrades... and heir & trait system

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@SecretPolice: I'd love to go back to the 80s. Don't tease me.