All American Classic MotoGP

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All American Classic MotoGP races will be held on Thursdays; “check in” will begin at 930pm and the race goes live at 940pm Eastern Time. The race schedule will be posted on the @allamer1can Twitter feed, the All American Classic Sports League Facebook page, and also @leaguecrawler. Riders may also contact Booter on PSN or at 210-544-1532 (BY TEXT) for track location.

Laps: 50% of the scheduled track.

Physics: Free

Transmission: Free

Penalties: On

Damage: Heavy

Collisions: Yes

Tire Wear: Yes

Password: Scheduled Track Location. For example, if the race is in Austin, Texas; the password would be TEXAS.

Riders: CUSTOM Riders ONLY.

Schedule: Riders will need to ensure to vote for the race currently scheduled.

Weather: Riders may vote at will on weather conditions.

Points System: All riders who complete the race will receive 3 bonus pts. Points awarded for places finishing the race are as follows:

1st – 25 pts

2nd – 20 pts

3rd – 18 pts

4th – 15 pts

5th – 12 pts

6th – 10 pts

7th – 8 pts

8th – 5 pts

9th – 2 pts

10th – 1 pt

Race results will be posted to leaguecrawler website in the “Comments” section for All American Classic MotoGP. Results will also be posted to Twitter on @allamer1can feed. Points will then be added to the All American Classic Championship standings.

Race Start/First Lap: Riders are requested to take extra care to avoid contact on the first lap of the race and avoid collisions.

Racing: Riders are expected to race clean; with etiquette and respect for their fellow competitors at all times. Riders may be aggressive in corners; however, do not intentionally wreck other riders.

Riders entering corners may give way to an overtaking rider, or fight to hold position as long as contact is prevented or nothing is done intentional causing either bike to crash.

Retirements: If a rider exits the race before it is finished; find a safe place to pause the game and retire from the session (eg the pits). Please do not abandon a bike on the track. Doing so may result in a crash and/or penalty. Quitting will be counted as a DNF.

Disconnections: Will be counted as a DNF. 3 points will be awarded for participating.

Streaming: Permitted by all actively racing. The main admin will stream and this account is archived. Riders may be asked to kill their stream if lag begins.

The league can create a chat thread using the phone app, GroupMe, if enough riders are interested to keep informed.

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who is super athletic