Wireless Or Wired Internet Connection?

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Is it better to have a wired or wireless internet connection on the PS3? When I say better i mean faster connection and less lag also my 3 computers are hooked up on wireless internet and mostly only 1 is on and download stuff so i was wondering would it be better to have wired internet on the PS3?

Thanks in advance

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#2 Posted by johanlee (305 posts) -
yes, wired connection is much better for PS3
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#3 Posted by ogieboy (41 posts) -
wired, buddy. try playing online with wireless, there's a 90% chance you'll lost your connection.
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#4 Posted by bigsturm (64 posts) -
Dude have a wireless connection since launch and rarely do I ever get a lost connection mabe three or four times ever play online all the time but would have to say wired because its commen sense direct would be more realable.
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#5 Posted by ogieboy (41 posts) -
well the "90% chance of losing connection" was only my theory.. lol i just dont trust wireless with ps3 except for the laptop. thats all..
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I don't get dropped with wireless, but my download speed on PSN seems to be terrible! I haven't done a back to back test with a wired connection to compare...
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#7 Posted by da_illest101 (8390 posts) -
there was no difference watsoever for me
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#8 Posted by fruitkings (196 posts) -
wireless goes up to 54 mbps while wired goes to 100 mbps but most of the time there won't be any difference unless you download the demos and stuff then wired is faster, but you'll hardly get any lag on wireless
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#9 Posted by alabama_redneck (25 posts) -
Wired is better, but i use wireless and it works 3/4 of the time
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#10 Posted by Silverdragon17 (664 posts) -
My router for my ps3 was on the older side of my home giving me a horrible connection. I now have my ps3 connected to my notebook with a shared connection and PSN is much faster. From my experience, I think wired is a lot better but wireless is about the same if your router is right next to the ps3.
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#11 Posted by PEREZ_03 (39 posts) -
wired is always going to be better
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#12 Posted by burock76 (1220 posts) -

there was no difference watsoever for meda_illest101

neither for me. So Im sticking with wireless and having no problems whatsoever

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#13 Posted by jimm895 (7703 posts) -
Wired is always better although I have no problem using a wireless network for the PS3 and laptops at the same time. Sometimes playing around with where the router is placed helps a lot as well even at a distance. I found that having the router about 6 feet off the floor and slightly away from the main PC and DSL modem even helps a little bit.
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#14 Posted by EYEInferno (530 posts) -
Wired much much better
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Wired is better, but besides some slow download speeds on demo's and such I dont have any issues playing online or with disconnects.
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#16 Posted by LURCH87 (1375 posts) -
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#17 Posted by piano_pimp (759 posts) -
I play wireless and everything connects just fine. As long as your router isn't screwed up (many are), and you have a good quality signal with no interference then you're good to go. My ps3 is wire-free and lag-free.
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#18 Posted by dunny55 (819 posts) -

it kinda depends on the situation. say your ps3 is in the basement and your router is a one floor up...would you want to run ethernet cables that long? but if your ps3 is right near your computer than by all means go with wired.

of course if your ps3 is far away from the router in your home but you still want to go wired, you could always get ethernet over powerline equipment. its like having a wired connection without running ethernet cables throughout your home.

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#19 Posted by playstation_wii (5271 posts) -
Wired is more reliable, but wireless is better because there is less of a hassle to set things up. I use wireless, since I have several computers in my house. I have no problems whatsoever. No disconnecting at all. Go with wireless my friend. It will be better for you in the long run.
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#20 Posted by PonyPS3 (63 posts) -
Im in the process of setting up a gigabit network, going to use it to stream HD content through out the house...if you can go wired, do it....
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#21 Posted by steinAEU (25 posts) -
well i wanna say my ps3 wireless connection is som what better than my pc which is wired