Who Has Ps4 / Issues an Qustions Please ? :)

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Hey Guys How are you,

Need your advice Please

Anyway I'm just wondering what is going on guys with the Ps4's in USA as I'm reading Issues like what's being reported From HDMI to disc not ejecting to Overheating. Well I'm bit worried now as we don't get our Ps4 here in Australia till the 29th. An I don't know what to do should I still get mine is it as bad as what I'm reading and is it the Firmware 1.50 causing the issues. I feel for you guys who have got one and its gone belly up not good.

So should I still get mine on the 29th or wait or still get it but don't Install the update 1.50 till it fixed.

I hope all get sorted guys I feel for you all.

Now I just have few Quick Questions Ill post it here to make it better not to flood boards just reply under each question

1, Is it Like Ps3 when downloading a Patch for a game If not what has changed

2, To who ever has Camera can you disconnect it when not Using

3,, If don't connect Ps4 to net right away can you still play games on it

So Please hope can Help guys Thank-you an Again I feel for you who have been having Troubles with there Ps4

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A majority of the issues people are posting about seem to be coming from their own stupidity, having the system overheat thanks to putting the system into a very confined space. Don't worry about it. You always hear about the "horror stories" but never about the majority at launch with no issues. Now to your questions:

1. Any game patches will be downloaded and installed automatically when they come out, even if you have the PS4 in standby mode.

2. Definitely. I leave it in, though, just because i like the facial recognition for logging in to the system. :)

3. No, you need to get the 1.5 update installed first either by connecting to the net or have the file saved to a USB drive and install from there. Quick note, the first time doing the update via the USB drive has to be done in Safe Mode (hold the powwer button on the system for 7 seconds to trigger this).