Where can I buy some good replacement analog sticks for the Vita Slim?

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Long story short, I've bought a few replacement sticks on Amazon before and I got scammed (by the way, if anyone needs new Vita Slim sticks, stay away from J&L Electronics). They all had some kind of drift or offset. Can anyone recommend me a reliable seller on Amazon or some other online marketplace? Is it even possible to get replacement sticks that work perfectly, just like the ones on a new Vita?

Now I should point out that I've asked this question in the past in other places and I got pretty disappointing answers along the lines of "you can search on eBay/Aliexpress/etc". I already know that. What I'm saying is that I need someone to give me a link to a seller that they can confirm is reliable, because I don't want to risk getting scammed again.

I came across these https://www.ebay.com/itm/Original-L...Pad-Stick-for-PS-Vita-2000-2001-/192161010610 I know they're way more expensive than many others, but I'm willing to pay the big bucks if that means I'll finally have perfectly functional sticks on my Vita again. However, the seller claims they're original AND brand new, and I'm not sure if I believe it or not. In order for that to be true, they'd have to: a) have bought them from the original manufacturer, b) be the original manufacturer, or c) have bought 11 Vitas just to take them apart and sell them by parts. I don't know. In your experience, does the "you get what you pay for" principle apply to replacement Vita sticks, and when people online claim to sell brand new original Vita sticks, are they legit? I sent a message to the seller asking how they managed to get brand new original sticks, but they haven't answered. I suspect this might be a red flag, but what do you think?