What's the best 500-750gb HDD to buy to upgrade a 12gb PS3?

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This must have been asked to death here but please, help me out. I want to buy an HDD (500-750gb) to put in my 12gb Super Slim PS3 but everytime I seem to have found what I'm looking for, there's always someone who will say something in the comments that tells me it's a no-no.

Like this one:

750gb Western Digital Blue 5400rpm (WD7500BPVX)

On amazon.com, a bunch of people are saying it's good for a PS3 Slim but they don't mention the PS3 Super Slim 12gb model. And then someone posts this:

"Okay, I bought this a couple days ago for my PS3. Let me start off by saying: the hard drive *does* work, and *is* compatible, but just isn't made for the PS3. It has a power save feature that causes the XMB menu, browser, and some games to stutter/freeze up. So basically, every 4-8 seconds the hard drive 'goes to sleep' to save power, and pressing a button after this causes the system to stutter."

There's also this one:

750gb Western Digital Black 7200rpm (WD7500BPKX)

But now, I've read a couple of times that 7200rpm HDD's aren't advised for PS3's.

As you can tell, I'm not really tech savvy. So in a nutshell, what's the best HDD I can buy for an 12gb PS3?

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@QuebecSuperstar: hey there I would suggest a 500GB 7200 rpm won't hurt your PS3 at all just make it slightly faster, I would suggest seagate as a good option that isn't to expensive! Hope this helps

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@Solid_Max13: What's the worst that could happen with a 7200rpm HDD?

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@QuebecSuperstar: Just makes a bit more noise and runs faster it's more of a benefit than anything you can check some peoples tests out on the official PS about it


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My view is more speed means more heat.... heat can be a console killer.

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@scgarfield: That's exactly what I'm fearing. Could the temperature differences between the 5400rpm and 7200rpm drives be attenuated in the 12gb PS3 because of it's conception (which, I imagine, is somewhat different than the older models)?

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I just put a 1.5 tb hd in my PS4.

I had options of faster drives but chose to stick with the same speed as was supplied with the console originally.

It would def run hotter, how much I don't know..... but consoles run way too hot for my liking to begin with anyway.