Speedlink XEOX Pro Pad Review

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XEOX Pro Gamepad

First let me start off by saying I love my PS3 but I find the Xbox controller to be far superior. Its an opinion, yours doesn't have to be the same. Do not flame if you do not agree. If you do however I think I found the controller for you.


- Very similar to the form factor of the xbox controller. The right joystick is slightly further to the right because of the rapid fire button but not too much of an issue.

- Buttons feel good. They are slightly "softer" than what you are probably used to but I like this. You know when you are pressing them and when you are not.

- Finally some triggers to play FPS or driving games with. They work as intended, no issues here.

- Good range. I was sitting across my living room playing without issue. Probably 8-10 feet.

- Rapid fire. I won't ever use it but maybe you fighting game junkies will take advantage.

EDIT: Vibration support. It is less intensive than you are used to but I like it personally. Just enough to make you know its there.


- Requires a dongle. Its big and you can't turn your ps3 on with your controller but it works.

- Start and Select are higher than you expect. If you are used to the 360 controller you'll miss often when going to press back to check your scores. Not a game changing problem but one I noticed.

- Joy stick precision feels a little off. This may be do to a low charge on the controller, I'll update back after playing with a fully charged one but I noticed while playing call of duty it wonders further than you expect some times. I like to use quick, little taps while moving around and aiming. Every third or so tap turns into a full on push causing you to "slid" further than you want.

- No trigger swapping. A lot of games now a days have the option in the game to swap the bumpers and triggers around but for the odd game that doesn't (battlefield 3) the controller isn't capable of doing it for you like a few others.

EDIT: No sixaxis. This doesn't bother me as moving the controller to do stuff sucks in my opinion. Thats what the ps move is for. But may deter others.


Overall this is a well built controller. It works and it feels good. I would highly recommend it to anyone that is in the market for a near identical 360 controller solution.