Reinstalling Fallout 4 - DLC question

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So, after doing almost everything possible in Fallout 4 that is allowed with one playthrough (not interested in playing the game again sided with different factions) and bitching about how it's my least favorite Fallout and that Bethesda ruined the RPG elements of the series, I find myself missing the game greatly. I put about 200 hours in and bought and played through all of the DLC so after I finished up in Nuka World (killed every raider in the park) and placed a few finishing touches on my Sanctuary settlement, I decided that show was over and deleted the game file off of my PS4. I did so because I have the 500 GB model and needed some space at the time.

I have a large amount of space open on my PS4 now and am getting the itch to boot it up again even if just for old times sake. If I were to re-install it, would I have to re-download and re-install all the DLC packs as well? Or would they just be intact? If not, what would happen to my game if they (the DLC) weren't installed?