PS4 is good at helping you focus

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Disclosures at the end

I got a PS4 for free over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, which is exactly what I would have paid for it (or any other current gen console) anyways. Been playing The Last of Us Remastered, Neverwinter, Horizon Zero Dawn, and a couple other here or there.

Here's what I appreciate--when you quit, and put the game console to sleep, the easiest thing to play when you sit back down again is whatever you were most recently playing. Which for me, makes it easier to get through the games I actually have. My patient gamer nature makes it rare to get all the way through any game these days.

*I am a very patient gamer, I don't spend much on games, I love Humble Bundle, and I hold no allegiance to any gaming company. What the PS4 does may not be too new, but it's something I appreciate. I can praise it here, right?

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I agree and the Switch actually nails this function better. Goes to sleep in a second and wakes the same and back into gaming we go. It’s definitely something that has me slowly moving away from pc gaming being my primary.

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@vaidream45: I doubt very much that my gaming shift will drift too far towards consoles, but I've never been a primarily console gamer.

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haha lol, is there even a current system out there that doesn't have this function?