PS4 Gyroscope Typing Rocks

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Is it just me or is it one of the most awesome PS4 features? At first I laughed at the concept but I found myself typing things at least 5x faster than I would have with a D-Pad or analog stick. Has anyone else been using it? Any complaints?

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I did not know about it... thanks.... now I need to try it.... LOL

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I noticed that when I first fired up my PS4 yesterday. I didn't really try it out again since then, but I'll have to remember to give it another shot, especially if it's pretty efficient and works well.

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I personally find typing on the ps4 to be a complet nightmare half of the word dubbles itself trying to type a email in it took me like 20 min had to keep going back and deleting letters that didn't need to be there I'm just finding this to be a complet headache

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wow i never knew that