Playstation4 being sold for $359.99 on ebay

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I was on the prowl for a Wii u on ebay and came across this.

I'm sorry in advance for posting this if it already has been posted. I tried looking but couldnt find any recent topics on this. Hope this helps some of you in search for a PS4 at a good price.

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I got a Wii U on ebay for 200, brand new. So is getting PS4 on ebay the way to go?

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KInda expensive for a used Ps4?

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@aroxx_ab said:

KInda expensive for a used Ps4?

It's new, actually.

And this has been going on for quite a while, surprisingly. I'm probably going to regret passing up this deal, but I just don't know about having something like that shipped to me. I should just go for it, seeing as it's a $50+ savings...

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Looks like some of the feedback confirms my worries about purchasing this over eBay.

Negative feedback from this seller.

Neutral feedback from this seller.

Granted, it's a relatively small number of complaints about the PS4 from the thousands of PS4s that have been bought from this seller, but a lot of the complaints are about poor packaging, which to me is a red flag. But I guess it does seem like the majority are happy with their purchase. I'd just remain cautious, especially since I've had several sub-par experiences on eBay.