Playstation 3 external hard drive

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Can you hook up an external hard drive to a playstation 3 and play movies and will it work well
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I remember reading somewhere that you can. The drive just needs to be compatable with your ps3. You can also use the external to take some of the load of installled game data. Google it, you'll find more info.
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yes, my PS3 was a 20GB and now its a 320 all the instructions are on this site :

and in your PS3 manual

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yes of course you can. But there are restrictions on what files you can play. Also you have to make sure the HDD is formatted with FAT32.
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Also, some external drives want more power than the PS3 USB ports put out, so if you're buying one, either try it out first or buy one with an external power supply option. Oddly enough, I put the 60GB I removed from my PS3 in an external enclosure and it won't work, though the 160GB drive I ultimately put in the PS3 works just fine.
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I recently just upgraded my ps3 external drive from a 250 gb to 1 tb. I have movies tv shows and everything on there. You have to format it to fat 32 which you can do with the fat32 format exe. you can download it on the web and it takes like 10 seconds literally as opposed to the other programs that take hours. Then you want to use either ps3 video 9 for your conversion or you can use mkv2vob. I used to use ps3 9 , but mkv kicks out with surround sound so I like it better. I think the external harddrive option is where my ps3 sees the most use. I heard in home you would eventually be able to invite someone over to watch a flick at your place, hope that happens.
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Hey guys, I have 2 accounts on my PS3 and i was wondering with the external HDD is there a way to split it up into 2 so each account has there own bit in the HDD. The reason being we play the same game and we cant put both of them on the HDD because it will want to overwrite it. Cheers
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You can partition the drive into 2 parts, but I don't know how the PS3 will deal with that... another piece of software I can recommend is swissknife v3. Newer versions of windows won't let you format drives into FAT32 in partitions greater than 32 gigs. Swissknife did my 250 gig driver into one FAT32 partition in the blink of an eye.
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Is it wearth giving it ago? If so how do i partion it into 2???