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#1 Posted by tjoeb123 (6843 posts) -
So I'm trying to redownload previously purchased games...and I have 398 MB free. However, if I try to download something like Wild Arms or Spyro (both of which are under 398 MB), it says that there is not enough free space on the memory stick. And I know there IS enough space!! What's wrong? (glitch, maybe?)
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#2 Posted by hivboy (25 posts) -
you probably need to download the new update if you havn't done so...although it's not really new
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#3 Posted by tjoeb123 (6843 posts) -
already did that, and I'm trying to download from the store on the PSP
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#4 Posted by gouki1 (46 posts) -
well cuz it cant.... always like this....
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I'd try backing up and formatting the card. It sounds like something didn't get deleted properly.
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#6 Posted by Josh5890 (1025 posts) -
clear some space and try again
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I had this problem too.... today I tried to download SOTN which is 344mb and I had 500mb free and I got the same message...I had to free up 700+ mb(bye bye Warhawk)!! My best guess is that the game has to download an installer file which is who knows how big- and then once it installs this file is deleted
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#8 Posted by jaxeryo (114 posts) -
kinda off topic but how much room do game saves take up?
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#9 Posted by aznstyle11 (1125 posts) -
Depends on the game.
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#10 Posted by link7663 (25 posts) -
ok im trying to downloud killzone liberation which is 510 mb and i have 948 mb and i get the same problem
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#11 Posted by Gaming-Planet (18555 posts) -

Say you have you want a game that is 500 MBs and you have 590 MB free space.

You need toat least have extra 100-200 MBs of free space to download the game off the PSN Store.

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