How to fix broken PS3

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So my PS3 is broken, how do I send it to Sony to get it fixed, is it covered like MS covers it?

Looked all online, and couldnt figure out a place to send it!!!

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phone sony, tell them the problem. they may tell you to do a full system restore. but they will send you a replacement ps3, and you exchange your broken one to the courier.
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phone the Sony help line and they'll help you make the appropriate arrangements to send it in.. PS3 has a 1 year warranty from sony, but you can also pay them to fix it.
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So my PS3 is broken, how do I send it to Sony to get it fixed, is it covered like MS covers it?

Looked all online, and couldnt figure out a place to send it!!!


As posted above you should contact Sony support. And as long as the system is in the 1 year warranty period then your covered but if it's past this point then you will have to pay a repair fee unless you bought a extended warranty when you purchased your system. As for covering the system like the other system it doesn't cover for the extended time which really is a joke because it only covers one of the problems this system has and nothing else.

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duct tape :) that fixes everything.
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Since when does the PS3 ever break?

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My PS3 can start up but when i put a game in tge loading dot pops up but nothing happens after that it justy stays there. What should i do?

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The PS3 has a 1 year warranty. I'm not sure what they do after that. I know MS will fix a busted 360, but they can charge over $100. With an arcade costing $200, it makes more sense to just buy new. With the cheapest PS3 being $400, it isn't really an option. I hope Sony doesn't charge too much for fixing.
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its cost more than ms to fix a ps3 if you dont have the one year warranty or extended warranty

i think its 150US for the states and i know its 170CAN for Canada, Ive had to do it

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My PS3 can start up but when i put a game in tge loading dot pops up but nothing happens after that it justy stays there. What should i do?


Trying cleaning the disc... That's what mine did... Just wiped the disc off and it worked for me... just saying. Does it only happen on one game? Does the same thing happen on PSN games?

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Hey does any one know what the hells wrong wit my ps3. I was watching a regular movie, (it was only on for ten minutes , so no way it could of overheated). and the blue and green power light when out and a red light came on blinked twice and the system beeped once or twice, then the red light when out as if the main power was shut off. i checked the power cord plug-in and the breakers in the house and everrything is fine. i was bought a repair manuel for PS3 and it doesn't cover the issue I'm having
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just give sony a call

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jojack, is your PS3 plugged into a power strip or straight into a wall outlet? You may have had a power surge which would have interrupted the power to the PS3 (a strong surge could damage your PS3's components). Try unplugging it, wait a few minutes, and plug it back in. If it works, great. If not, probably will have to call Sony. If you don't have a power strip, get one. It's the best protection for problems like that.

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How do you people break your PS3s? I've had 3 for years and they've ran flawless, I don't get it.

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hey quick question does any one have the number to call. thanks.
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My Ps3 just broke last night, I called the Sony number on the box. I'm not under warranty, so I have to pay $150. that sucks especially since I paid $650. I called the support center and they told me I can keep my Hdd, since I have all my info on there. The best thing to do is call Sony, it's their product and You don't want to void any warranty.

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#17 Posted by kingthugx (25 posts) -
my ps3 could turn on and everything but the only thing thats wrong is everytime i put any game on the loading dot pops out and nothing happens the game dont appear under game :-(
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#18 Posted by osharon1 (25 posts) -
My playstation 3 will not turn on. Don't know why. Any body out there had this problem?
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I was playing New Vegas, it stops working, I put in Assassin's Creed 2, the disc stops halfway in, I push it in, it doesn't read the disc, I try to eject, loud buzzy noise, I get scared, turn it off, turn it back on again, loud buzzy noise, and still no disc, wth do I do?
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I browse the internet the other day and came across a site who claim that it is possible to fix ps3 under an hour but i think it could only possible if it is only a minor problems.
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My ps3 has broken 3 times with the same problem. It just stops reading discs. I was able to get it working once by formating the system, and I had to send it in once. Now it is broke again, and formating is not working. It is bulls#@t!
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k so my ps3 stopped reading discs........ i was wondering could i just replace the blu-ray lens and get a new harddrive and all would be fine? or with the cost of those 2 things would it be better to purchase a newer system? Seeing that my system is the old fat 80GB'r
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My PS3 was also hit with a power surge, the blue and green lights still come on when I turn it on, but no audio or video is outputed by HDMI or the red, white, and yellow cord thing. Please help!
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Yeah dude, youtube is how I fixed mine.

If its a disc issue then send it in to sony and they'll fix it fine, but they charge $120 if you aren't covered in the one year warranty.

If its YLoD then you are kind of boned. Sony can't fix it so they just send you a brand new one (which means you gotta back up your data and use lose a slot in any accounts you have online PSN), and the fix only keeps it alive for another few months at best.

There is a more permanent fix that gets it back close to new in lasting, but it pretty much requires surgical precision and workshop tools so its best to just send it in or get a new one.

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3 year old thread.