How do you record games on the ps3?

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^ topic.

I want it to be recorded in game. Like on reviews, and not a camera looking at the TV.

Anyone knows?

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you will need to have a dvdr recorder hooked to your tv and have it record while you are playing a game. you can't record games on the ps3 itself.
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I just split my AV feed and run the second set to a capture device on my computer. I have to move my PS3 to the non-HD TV to do it, though.

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is it possible to hook it up to the pc and record it with fraps?
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A while ago i came across this... the Dazzle to record while playing games directly to your pc. If im correct you'll need to plug in the cables from your ps3 into the dazzle and the dazzle into the pc monitor, im not sure though

Just checkout this video on how it works and how to set it up.

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avermedia have a product that converts the RCA plugs into usb. i use it to record foxtel and tv. it can also be used to record ps3
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is it possible to hook it up to the pc and record it with fraps?Armeda

Yes if you have display adapter with TV-IN connector (very rare these days), or using TV card. Plug your ps3 to the TV card via composite or S-video. And open TV card software and make sure to select video source to INPUT, and use TV card software recording function or fraps, up to you. Simple as that. But if you want sound too, it's get little more tricky. TV cards usually have jack connector for audio in, like any other sound card. And your ps3 has RCA connectors, so you need to get RCA -> jack adapter. And I'm not really sure or remember if you need to connect your TV card to your sound card to actually hear the sound through your computer speakers.

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I have a SD TV card that has a composite input.
I play normally using HDMI and Optical.
When I want to record I switch the PS3 output to composite and load up my TV card software.
The PS3 then plays direct onto the PC where I can play and record.

PS3 then outputs 420p and is then stretched to your max resolution when full screen.
My card records up to a max of 576*720

Unfortunately to record in HD your going to need a HDMI input on your capture card which are very expensive.