daxter makes me so piest.

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i mean when im dliding down a rail or moving from train to traing i get so piest that i stop playing this game alltogether i got the psp for some 3d platgormers and i hope ratchet and clank does justice cause daxter sure as hell doent cut it.
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#2 Posted by Zeke129 (11176 posts) -
Okay, I understand that the trains in Daxter piss you off, correct?


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#3 Posted by TOSgamer10 (385 posts) -
He's mad cuz the game is too hard for him.....  Just take a break and try again later buddy.
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Did you say priest?

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Gee, he blames the trains for why he doesn't like Daxter? I dont think im getting this thread 
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Last boss was hard train is easy.