Are you going to get the PS1 mini? Here is why I won't

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Poll: Are you going to get the PS1 mini? Here is why I won't (29 votes)

I was never into PS1/never owned one. Not getting it 21%
I used to/I own a ps1. It is not like owning the real thing. I wont get it/I would rather buy the original 41%
I was planning to get it, but the games I want that it offers are not enough to warrant a purchase 28%
I dont think what it offers is enough in terms of games that I want, but I will still get it 3%
Even though the games that I want are only just a few, I think they are worth it. Consider it bought 7%
I would just buy it even if it was a piece of plastic with a sony logo on it that did nothing. SONY RULEZ!!! 0%

Sony felt she was missing out on the plug and play emulator mini consoles and so they felt they needed to enter the race. The playstation classic is what they came up with.

It comes with 20 games and as far as I am concerned, the list is quite underwhelming.

I separated the games in it in 3 categories. #1 games that I want, #2 games I am interested in but not necessarily want and #3 games I couldn't care less about.

There are only 2 games that I want from the included ones, tekken 3 and twisted metal. games belonging in the second category would be enough if there were more games that I actually wanted.

So, seeing this rushed list, it only made me want an original PS1 more. So what I did is, I ordered one for 50 euros without any games. For that I will get everything plus a dualshock controller.

Now for the other 50 euros I will most definitely not be able to buy 20 games. Maybe half of that if we consider that on average they go for like 5 euros. But here is the thing, I will still be getting more games that I want than what the classic can offer.

Instead of rainbow six I could be getting medal of honor, instead of destruction derby and ridge racer type 4 I can get NFS3 and GT 1 and 2 etc. And of course I wont stop at 10. I think there is more value to be had dropping 150 euros on getting an original ps with the games that I want than getting the PS classic.

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I would never buy a useless mini console of any kind, even though I appreciate the PS brand and have a nostalgic love for old school PS1 games.

Option 2?

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@pyro1245: Yup, that is what option two is for

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I own a Pal Ps1, a Pal and a US Ps2 and 2 Ps3 ... I already have 5 devices that can play Ps1 Games... and that's ignoring all the games I bought digitally thatI can play on my Psp, Ps Vita and my Ps3.

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Yeah I won’t be buying it. Arguably it’s just a cheap piece of plastic with a built in emulator. I guess the thing it’s offering is that it may run better than any 3rd party emulator seeing as it’s an official release.

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Still have a couple PlayStation consoles and can emulate my games on PC anyway.

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Feels like I just had a PS1 a few years ago, so no.

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I will get it.

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i prolly won't cause i have them all, i have a PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS3 and PS4 plus i own a vita as well. i have 3 different consoles that can play PS1 games and if they are smart and add it in so we can play all the discs on the PS5 like i think they should though i doubt they will. than i will have 4 different consoles that plays PS1 games not counting digital games.

if i really want to play a PS1 i will just go into my closet and take the system off the shelf and out of it's original box. and there ya go i can than play it. plus i own only a couple games for it anyways. it wasn't until (2009) near the end of it's life and about halfway well almost halfway the end the ps3's life span that i became a fan. i bought my PS3 in (2010) and i just bought some games for that a few months back when Toys R" Us was closing i bought the god of war prequels for it.

and i've played a little bit of them too actually. but honestly of the ones that i have played the newest one is the best one of them all to be quite honest. at least i think it is, in this one you slowly even get to like the guy. where in the old games you do understand why he's pissed at the god's but him going on a killing spree and killing really anything that moves you can't really like a guy like that. even if it is fun to play the games.

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#10 Posted by Ovirew (8395 posts) -

I think wildhoney pretty much summed it up. Most of the really good PS1 games are backwards-compatible on newer Sony systems. The mini-console idea isn't a bad one, but the problem is it can never accurately represent the entire game library of a system.

I think there's some very good games on the thing. Final Fantasy 7 alone is a classic. Battle Arena Toshinden I was a pretty big fan of ages ago. I can't really remember what else was in the pack, but I seem to remember it was missing a lot of big hits.

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#11 Posted by ZmanBarzel (1512 posts) -

I think I’ve finally decided to roll my $25 deposit on it over to the Persona dancing package I’ve also preordered. I can get almost all the games on it that I want via the PSN store on my PS3.

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Emulating a PS1 on a computer nowadays is way easier than getting one of those lol

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Somethings things just have to be left in the past. If you play it now you will overwrite your childhood memories and not like it anymore. People gotta move on.

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Depending on the device, I have full BC with PS1 games or at the very least, I can download some of the best games digitally.

I don’t need it. :)

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#15 Posted by Sevenizz (2213 posts) -

Nope - never cared for the playstation brand.

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While I enjoyed the PS1 - there were only a handful of games I really liked and they're not offered on it. I was slowly making the shift to PC gaming, plus I had more enjoyment out of the MUD that I played than what most games could offer on the PS1.

My glory console gaming days were behind me - SNES, NES, Gameboy, Sega Genesis, TurboGrafx 16, Atari 2600......

Last console I purchased was a PS2. I won a PS3 in a raffle, otherwise I never would have purchased one. I still have my PS2 and a couple of games for it.

My kids (10 and 6 years old) actually find it fun to play around with Sonic & Knuckles on the wife's old Genesis. So the wife and I thought the kids might get a kick out of the a mini NES and we're getting them one for Christmas. All said and done, I may play it more than they will, but you never know.

I won't pickup any PS1 mini they have to offer. If Nintendo came back out and released the original SNES and original games for it, I'd be all about picking one up. Not some crappy mini version, but an actual full sized version. So many games on that system that I absolutely loved to play.....

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I bought one. Even though it is not the greatest thing Sony has released.

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I won't be buying they put no effort into the product and rushed it out in time for Christmas. My problem is it's not a classic console. A classic console would have classic games that made it a great system.

The NES and SNES perfect examples.

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The reason why I'm not getting it is because the line-up seems garbage. If it had a better line-up, I would.

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Im pretty young so I never experienced the PS1 and only started playing on the Playstation 3. However I really appreciate retro games and love to go to events that allow you to play the games from the 80s, 90s and early 2000s. I wanted to get the PS1 mini but the reason I have not is because even if I play I only get shortlived nostalgia (why a young 21st century kid gets nostalgia by playing these games I don't know, I have another life I was an 80s kid XD) but I do, but then the appeal dies and I am back to other brilliant games.