When will Sony stop making games for PS2???

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Realistically...In a year or two...

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I don't think Sony has any games in development anymore for the PS2, it's all third party. Of course Sony needs to certify those games, but Sony themselves are no longer developing any games. Sony will most likely continue to allow games through the certification process as long as third party developers continue to make games for the PS2.... Who knows when developers will actually quit making games for the PS2. It is likely EA will be among the last to back out just like with the original Playstation.
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I think Sony already stopped making PS2 games but other makers such as Capcom, EA, SquareEnix, etc...will continue making PS2 games until late 2008 or early 2009. I hope that 2009 sports will still be available for PS2.

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In a year or so
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i don't think the ps2 will last too much longer. Sony needs to focus on the current generation
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I'm predicting late 2008.
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Never I hope.
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They already did, its the third parties that are still making games for the PS2.
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We just all have to go out and buy a PS3 :)
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i hope never i got a ps2 right before the ps3 came out

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why would you get a ps2 right before the PS3 you should of just saved your money for something else
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The ps2 is an amazing investment, right now is the perfect time tobuy one because all of the great games are dirt cheap.
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Hoepfully never..but im guessing a little bit yet because there are still some upcoming and big games..other companies like ea wont stop for a bit:)
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Well, Ihave to say that I read and interview in OTHER site where Sony says that the production will stop in November 2007, this means that the last games will come out in the last days of november duh!. I check the list of the outcoming games in GS and surprise! i found there are no more games in December, :cry: bye bye dear PS2
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In the mid of 2008..
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probublythis november.
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when people like you stop asking the same question everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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thats why I need a 360!
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I think that the last few titles will be coming out in over the next 6 months, and then they will end it then and there. :o
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well, i will say 2009~
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I agreed that they would stop at year 2009... But hoping for a big splash of game before they would stop making games on PS2.... I hopw it would be "The Legend of Dragoon 2"