Windows 10 users how do you deal with force updates?

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I tried W10 a couple years back when it was free and it drove me crazy with updates. I'm the kind of person that only updates if it's absolutely needed like with a service pack if everything runs fine I don't want to risk messing it up with a windows update. I plan to stay on Windows 7 as long as I can and as long as newer games are still supported. I also cannot stand W10 layout and yes I know you can change it to look like a older OS but still that's not enough for me. But seriously how does it not drive you crazy? and how the hell do you think MS gets away with it? it's just so intrusive I still can't understand how people accepted it.

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windows 10 can annoying at times but i just accept it for now.

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Use a Linux distrubution that doesn't have a rolling release.

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@warmblur: honestly I don't notice it often. It's not very obtrusive at all. My gaming experience on Win10 is virtually identical to what it was on 7.

That being said, there is some weird quirk. I dual boot with Linux, and have a shared drive where I install games. I don't know how it does it, but Windows seems to put a permissions lock on all files in that drive when it has an update pending. I don't know how or why, but what this means is when I sign in to linux to game, if I was in Windows last and there's an update pending, I can't game in Linux without signing back into Windows first. It's very annoying

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That's why I have multiple computers. I stagger the updates so I can do what I need to do. I also have a dedicated Linux box.

Plus, Windows Update isn't set to automatically download.

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@warmblur: Never noticed them, except when I shut down sometimes, and I get a prompt to update and shut down. Never been happier with Windows.

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@sealionact said:

@warmblur: Never noticed them, except when I shut down sometimes, and I get a prompt to update and shut down. Never been happier with Windows.

Was about to say the exact same thing...

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Windows has gotten, and will get better at managing updates.

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I think it has gotten better at not interrupting you with updates. I usually see the option when I go to put it to sleep, then I just update and shut down instead.

Honestly I can't remember the last time in interrupted me with an update or broke something on update.

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Windows 10 had a terrible start but now it has become very user friendly IMO. Just go through the settings thoroughly once and turn off the features you don’t like (auto download updates for example) and you are good to go. 10 is essential to gaming on a pc these days and I feel as though it is constantly improving. I hated 8 and refused to use it and held off on 10 as long as I could until the direct x demand required me to finally retire 7. I like it a lot now and I never though I would say that lol.

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I still use windows 7. But i have windows 10 on another partition incase i need it for some reason.

The way i stop updates is i disable the update service. It will stop updates. But you may have to do this each time you boot into windows 10 because it sometimes will re-enable it because its sneaky.

Many reasons not to do forced updates, mostly the fact they are dangerous to run; and as you can see from that one update late last year in 2018 that deleted all the files in peoples documents folder, its dangerous to be running them unless you do full backup clones often.

I usually clone my entire hard drive, then i'll let it update. It seems unlikely Microsoft could screw up this bad again but better safe than sorry. Also i have garbage internet so I only update when I have enough bandwidth cap left in the month.

Theres other ways you can stop updates as well, one basic way is to use a firewall program, even a simple one like Peerblock, and have it block every single IP address Microsoft uses, and then no updates will ever be able to be downloaded. I even do this on windows 7 for extra security and block every IP address and only allow the ones i need to run my browsers vpn plugin with the internet. Also its useful to be sure no data is being sent back to microsoft through their data mining malware utility also known as Windows 10.

I'm just waiting for microsoft to admit it, and give up on windows 10. The fact they have already started helping porting some games to use dx12 in windows 7 shows you they realize people don't want to leave windows 7. I don't have WOW any more but just last month they released a dx12 version of their game that runs in Windows 7... pretty nice and will be interesting to see if more games get dx12 releases in windows 7 in the future.

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It's become annoying as hell. I can't tell you how many times that windows update broke my drivers and I had to be force back to older drivers. I haven't found a descent solution. The only ones that seems to work is by forcibly stopping the 'Windows Update' process by hitting Stop. Even then it automatically becomes enabled. So, you have to go and hit 'Stop' again. It seems to have worked for the past 2+ months.

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@alucrd2009 said:


Thanks for the heads up.

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@alucrd2009: thank goodness. Hopefully this alleviates issues people have had.

Personally, I've been gaming more and more on Linux for a while. If I buy a game and Linux is supported (and it often is, now) I'll install there instead. I figure the more of US who do, the more pubs are motivated to support open platforms where we are in control of our system

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Never noticed when windows is updating orther than it wanting to finish installing updates when I shut down

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Every one is just gonna bitch about W10 and not help OP out? First thing people get wrong is saying Win10 updates all the time, no it don't it updates every 2 weeks like windows has been doing for years. The only difference is with 10 Microsoft sees it as a service and not a product, and with this they force the updates to download and install. So first things first, i'd recommend you wait until next month and install Windows 10 1903 when it comes out probably May 7th or so, do a clean install to avoid horrible install issues and bugs ect. Why 1903 well its the first release thats gonna allow people to hold off updates for up to 35 days, this is great because if a update gets out and causes issues they can pull it and save you from a broken pc. once you install 1903 you need to turn on active hours, this makes Win10 only install updates when your not using your PC, such as over night. Windows 10 isn't as bad as people say it is, yes it had a rough start but its been 4 years and microsoft has ironed alot out and still is. Give it another shot, i also hated att the start at i went back to older windows but i've been using 10 for couple years now and its pretty good, i have no issues. You say you don't like the layout, that will take time to get used to.

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