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hello i am a member of a community,Mpiremall and a co developer of a patch for Mdickie Wrestling games known as TWC4 Fight! A new wrestling patch is released(of which i am a member) called TWC4 Fight! which has surpassed all the other games till now either on PS3 or Xbox or PC.... Basically its a patch for a game Wrestling Mpire 08 but you dont need this game to use the patch...The patch itself consists the game and is only zipped.... It has career story line for all the feds present till now whether it be WWE(all the three,i.e. Raw smackdown and ECW,that too seperated),TNA,ROH,training school,Legends...all of them.... Its a best wrestling game you can ever experience on PC..... The patch was developed by a community called TRAILER: LOGON TO: for more info and downloading the patched game(ITS FREE!)