Streaming of League of Legends to those interested in watching good players!!

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#1 Posted by Suiranev (248 posts) -

She streams League almost every night, get in here and join me!!!

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#2 Posted by Socijalisticka (1555 posts) -

Just waiting on the DotA children to spout about how their piece of sh*t isn't as sh*tty.

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#3 Posted by jakes456 (1398 posts) -

nice advertising.

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#4 Posted by edgewalker16 (2286 posts) -

Nope, not particularly.

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#5 Posted by FelipeInside (28482 posts) -
Girl playing, and she ain't bad at it either...
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#6 Posted by Revolution_DDM (274 posts) -

Hmm... Watch mediocre players playing league of legends or be a mediocre player playing league of legends... Hard choice but I think I'll stick with the latter.