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I made my first mod for Skyrim, and I've been getting some negative feedback about it. I'm trying to make this the best I can, but I'm new to modding, and I don't know how to get the kind of effects I want. Any suggestions?

The biggest thing about it is that people want it to be more like Iron Man.

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you get negative comments because people are self entitled dicks when it comes to the workshop/nexus. Some people think if you don't make your own new master crafted animations and some super flashy preview image that its a bad mod. I think your mod looks hilarious and is a great idea. I've got a few popular mods I put up on the worksop myself, most of them weren't hard work at all and they got praised pretty well...I think some people just like to be jerks or have way too high expectations

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Well i have not watched iron man and i have not tried to mod in skyrim yet (so i cant help you on the effect part). But after going on google for abit it looks like its a 1 handed ability. Beside that it come down to people that want "more" they want some kind of gadget or something on the hand with a pulse effect when you use the ability. That could be hard if you dont know how to make models (or edit them). But start with making it a 1 handed ability after that well its up to you. Also dont listen on people that say "it suck". Sure it might suck or not (as i have not tried the mod). But unless they give constructive feedback its kinda pointless as you wont know why also some people will never be happy.
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well probably because most people waited an iron man arm doing exactly what iron man does While the spell looks good probably you would get more positive feedback if you named it anything other than iron man
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i would say, make the video more to the point my attention dropped down to 1% till the point where the actual spell was being used. Good luck modding, practise makes perfect!