Shotgun is missing in Resident Evil 4

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The shotgun that is supposed to be in the house in the beginning of Resident Evil 4 is missing. I have exited the game and started a new one and it is still not there. The wall is just empty like it has already been gotten. I have googled the issue, but couldn't find anything. I figured I would ask before I delete and try to re install the game.

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I didn't get the shogun until meeting the market dealer.

Perhaps a balance thing.

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I don't remember getting a shotgun that early. Idk can't remember, it's been years lol.

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OMG I am such a idiot. If you started the game on easy you already have the shot gun in your inventory. If you start on normal that is when the shotgun is on the wall in the house. I haven't opened my inventory yet so I didn't notice lol.

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@sethman410: It's on the second floor of one of the houses you can baricade yourself inside of during the initial town defense part.


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Wow I could not remember that if my life depended out it....

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@Arthas045: I've played that game so many damned times. I beat it twice on GC, then played it again on Wii, then again on 360, and now again on PC. I -love- that game.