Rumor: AMD Zen 2 Ryzen 3000 to hit 5.0 GHz! Updated from AMD Keynote regarding 3rd-gen Ryzen

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AMDs usual media dance / hype before every release, then 3rd party benches come out and its just meh

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@locus-solus said:

9900ks intel's next gen 10nm ice lake still needs a software patch for vulnerabilities wonder how long it's going to take to fix at hardware level?

9900ks can boost all 8 cores to 5ghz out of box so it might overclock better than the non ks. quick google search says 10th gen ice lake has a 18% average ipc increase sounds too good to be true.

going to be interesting watching gaming benchmarks of ryzen 3000 vs ice lake.

probably won't be enough to get me to upgrade my 5820k 6c/12t 4.5 ghz

Core i9 9900 KS is not Ice-Lake. Ice-Lake has AVX-512 support like Skylake X.