Need Monitor 4k TV or Monitor? HDR? / PCI vs USB for bluetooth & Wifi

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So the missus wanted a TV for the kitchen. I told her she can have my Monitor if I can get a new one, she agreed. So 4k monitor or TV? The monitors are a bit more expensive and don't have HDR, does HDR make a difference? I use to have a 4k TV that was cheap but the feet would electrocute you and the batteries in the remote got really hot, popped out and burned my ass (polaroid bigw brand). So I know the difference between 4k and 1080 is like night and day but it didn't have HDR. I've only got a 6gb 1060 (will upgrade in the next 2 years) so I don't care about hz (well as long as it's 60). I'm not fussed on size either. I'm happy to sit closer if the screen is to small. My budget is around $600(Aud). I don't care if the TV has android or not as I've never used the smart function. I will also be using the next gen on it. So any suggestions if you want too.

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Is there a noticeable difference between PCI and USB? Is 5g for wifi needed? I'm on the NBN tier 2 (50/20 (?)) with belong. Should I buy separate or together?

Don't care about the USB port being taken as that was taken by the previous Bluetooth adapter. It didn't reach very far though it only cost $2. The main thing that concerns me with PCI is that it will block the fan for the GPU and the price is a lot higher. Also any suggestions would be great. Looking to spend around $30(AUD) but understand that I might have to spend more.

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TCL makes good cheap tv. I got one for $250 and its great, but it can only accept hdr and not really produce true hdr picture. It seems to me price to picture quality ratio is much better with tv than monitors easily.

I prefer pci-e wifi card from my limited experience(bluetooth is also built into the card), also yes get a 5g wifi adapter I honestly don't know of any without it now. I know it isn't fair but I bought a cheap usb and it sucked, overheated, and had latency spike once it got hot. Perhaps a higher end one would be different. I got this small brand called fenvi that has the latest intel ax200 wifi 6 chip and a little wire that leads from the antenna port to the antenna so that it doesn't block the rear vents of your case such as your gpu. You can also build your own if you are really cheap, you just need the card/antenna, wifi/bt chip ex. 9260 or ax200 by intel, and maybe those little adhesive heatsinks.