My latest find a historical shooter Holdfast: Nations at War

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At the end of last year, I picked up this game and have been playing it since. I personally played other Napoleonic themed games before with a group and I must say that this game offers a lot more immersion than I previously experienced. For people who love to play either casually or historical titles should definitely check this game out.

The game is a multiplayer first and third-person shooter set during the Napoleonic era. Massive battles with over 150 players per server on land, sea and along the coast!

Muskets with relatively long reload times, men marching into battle at the sound of drums, fifes and violins - Played by specific classes, Officers leading others to victory or to an inevitable death and spontaneous roleplay through VoIP are some of the things that you’ll find in the game.

Here is some footage of the game to get an idea of the gameplay.

I’ll see you on the battlefield!