Just bought a new production Sega Saturn controller.

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I was searching for a controller that had a really good d-pad, because the controllers for the XBO and PS4 both leave much to be desired, although the PS4 d-pad is way better than the XBO. So I seen that Sega was releasing official branded Saturn and Genesis 6-button controllers not only for original consoles, but also bluetooth and USB variants. I bought the bluetooth version so it's odd to say you have an official Sega Saturn bluetooth controller, but I do.

The best of the modern controller d-pads is easily the one on the PS4, however it is not perfect. I found that when attempting to do quick diagonals or shifting direction, my thumb tends to hit the face of the controller and prevent enough force from going into the d-pad itself to consistently register presses in games where you're using a d-pad for more than just switching weapons, or hot keys. The round d-pad on the Saturn controller, plus the recess around the d-pad for your thumb prevents this.

I have been playing a variety of games with it, from old Street Fighter to Street Fighter V, Brawlhalla, Hollow Knight, and I have to say it is a fantastic controller, the d-pad is very good, better than modern controllers, and since the bluetooth version did come with a couple extra buttons (the genesis version comes with extra shoulder buttons as well), you can map pretty much any game to it that doesn't absolutely demand you use a thumbstick.

I can highly recommend the controller if anyone is looking for something for retro gaming, 2D gaming, or for fighting games.