Dual Cards on Vista with dx10 yet?

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I have read a bit about dual card set ups like the 8800s and its radeon counterparts being used in sli and crossfire only in dx9 applcations. So computers with this setup running crysis and other hardware hogging games with dx10 are only using 1 card? If that is so the I am curious if the GeForce 9600s and the radeon 3850/3870s are able to be used in a dual card setup in dx10 and finally we can stop freaking out about crysis eating 8800xtx and 8800ultras because it is only using 1 card? (please note I have no experience with an actual dual card setup in my computer)
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basically sli/ crossfire setups have been arround for years, but are more popular now,

if you have a compatable setup, then adding another card will give you verying results, from crash's and tecnical issues to an 80% performance increase, depending on your game and hardware and on your luck.

its the fastest way to game but crysis will still just about eat 2 8800 gts's in sli, so its not absoluitly amazing.

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so true i've got my q6600 at 3.0ghz, 8gb of ram @ 800mhz and two XFX geforce 8800GTS in SLI and cryisis still eats it up like i don't even have two cards. And yeah! i'm running Vista 64bit. but with the vista service pack supposedly coming out within the next few months and the new driver hopefully coming out soon too it should work a lot better.
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What I meant to ask was whether you really do utilize a second card at all in DX10 with the 8800 generation, Also if not I wanted to know if the new 9*00 cards will utilize the SLI function in DX10.. I know the cards work in a dual card setup on games in DX9 but I have read that playing DX10 games with the 8800s will only uitilize one card even if you have 2 because the 8800 generation was dx10 compatible but not in SLI... I can't confirm this myself because I have only 1 8800... if someone has an SLi setup could you pull out a card and see if you get the same FPS as when you had 2 in the computer (with a dx10 game on max with vista, wont work with XP obviously)