Did I make wrong decsion?

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Got a ques for ya guys...I put togehter a new pc back in beginning of March specs are as follows

Amd ryzen5 2600@stock,Msi b450 tomahawk, gskill ripjaws 5@3200,msi Armour rx570 8gb

and a 500watt evga bronze psu......but here is my ques I have alot of new games like div2,re2 remake and dmc5 and im always at 100% gpu usage and i hear that that this is isnt good??

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@nikeswoosh: First off, what kind of frame rates are you getting? 100% GPU usage means that your system is healthy, but your GPU is working to its maximum capacity. If you are getting over 60fps in games, then turn on V-Sync and it will keep your fps at 60 if you have a 60hz monitor and will lower your GPU usage. If you are getting less than 60fps, it means your GPU is too weak and is a bottleneck. Try turning down settings to bring it closer to 60fps.

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If your getting 100% gpu usage in games that's good since that means your cpu is feeding the gpu all the frame data it can handle and its working at full capacity. Now the only issue of running into 100% usage is if your temperatures get too high or if your game performance is not as good as you want(showing that the gpu isnt strong enough for the job).

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@BassMan yeah i get 60 fps almost all the time and most of time more than 60... except for anthem but that's anthem

And the highest temp ive seen is lox 70's under load

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depends on what settings and resolution you wanna play. at 1080p, low ,medium or mix of high and low, you're good. new games at 1080p high, very high you needed a RX 580 8GB at minimum.