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#1 Posted by Josh9321 (201 posts) -

What are some of your favorite games that are like the Roller Coaster Tycoon series.

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#2 Posted by judog1 (24653 posts) -
The Roller Coaster Tycoon games are by far the best. It is hard to argue against them.
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#4 Posted by James161324 (8315 posts) -

Roller Coaster tycoon, mall tycoon

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#5 Posted by Grodus5 (7934 posts) -

Roller Coaster is really the only one I've ever gotten into, and it would be pretty hard to beat that.

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#6 Posted by jaqulle999 (2897 posts) -

Roller Coaster Tycoon is the only one i've played recently. I remember mall tycoon and university used to be fun.

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#7 Posted by NABAMB (25 posts) -
and don't forget the Transport Tycoon.
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#8 Posted by geitenvla (960 posts) -

Transport tycoon... I've always hoped to see a descent modern version of this excellent game.

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#9 Posted by darksusperia (6945 posts) -
I miss rail tycoon i had on a compilation disc for win 95
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#10 Posted by R4gn4r0k (25814 posts) -

Transport & Rollercoaster Tycoon are by far the best ones.

The upcoming game Prison Architect by Introversion seems really cool too.

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#11 Posted by KalDurenik (3768 posts) -

Transport (there is also a fan based one for this game that make it even more awesome), rollercoaster are the two best ones.

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#12 Posted by fenriz275 (2114 posts) -

Not a "Tycoon" game really but a fave of mine is Tropico. Being a dictator of a small Caribbean Nation, who doesn't secretly dream of that?

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#14 Posted by Starshine_M2A2 (4858 posts) -

Rollercoaster Tycoon was an emulation of Theme Park but it did it so much better.

Still the best unless you count SimCity.