Your recommendations for TV shows that take place in 1 Season?

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It can be a fictional series or a documentary (or whatever), the catch is that it needs to be multi-episodic (more than 1 episode) and start and end in 1 Season. I like these because I can go in and out quickly without having to be sucked in for multiple seasons.

Here are my recommendations:

  • Band of Brothers
  • The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst
  • Generation Kill
  • John Adams
  • State of Play
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you already listed my personal favourites, Generation Kill and Band of Brothers.

some others i've enjoyed (or am enjoying):

-The Night Of

-The Pacific (similar to BoB, not quite as good but still worth watching)

-Chernobyl (based on the first 3 eps its really good)

-True Detective Season 1 (there are followup seasons but its a self contained story, didn't enjoy S2 and 3 as much)

-Fargo season 1, 2 and 3, but mainly season 1 (there are 3 seasons but each season is a self contained story and IMO all are worth watching)

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@with_teeth26: Well, part of what drove me to open this thread is that Chernobyl has shot up the ranks of IMDB's 250 TV Shows and it is #1. I'm on episode 2 and it is quite good.

Of those you mentioned, The Night Of is alright, True Detective Season1 is great (ending kind of rushed, but still). Season 2 is junk, 3 was alright.

I disagree on Fargo, I think it is bad, I'm on Season 3 (it will be my last). Season 3 has what it is, in my opinion, the best episode in the series so far (haven't finished Season 3).

The Pacific is on my wish list.

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Show Me A Hero is another one, same creator as Generation Kill but its not as good. interesting story and well written/acted/directed but a bit of a slog at times.

@Master_Live shame you didn't enjoy Fargo, it seems a bit polarising. I personally think Season 1 is one of the most perfect seasons of TV ever but I know other people who dislike it.

still need to finish S3 of True Detective, I was enjoying it more than S2 but I stopped watching after ep 5 or something, not sure why.

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The Haunting of Hill House (great thriller/horror)

Altered Carbon (nothing special story wise but the cyberpunk setting is top-notch, a 2nd season has been announced but the 1st is a self-contained story)

Broadchurch (British crime/drama, likewise you can only watch the 1st season)

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Berlin Alexanderplatz (Rainer Werner Fassbinder)


Scenes from a Marriage (Ingmar Bergman)

Fanny and Alexander (Ingmar Bergman) - Only seen the cinema version so far. I heard the TV version is better.

Das Boot- Only seen the cinema version so far. I heard the TV version is better.

I know there have got to be others, but I'm spacing.

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The Royal Gambler is a hansom 25 episode K drama on the Netflix where pretty people do things and stuff happens. It's fun when you get into it.

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They basically play this tune over and over for about 25 hours. Which is weird, cause the budget looks really high compared to Western stuff.

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  • Terriers 2010
  • Awake 2012
  • 666 park avenue 2012
  • Persons Unknown 2010
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I’m currently watching Chernobyl on HBO which is surprisingly good. It’s excellent actually, and I’ve not enjoyed a show as much since Breaking Bad. Great casting, acting, music, cinematography, special effects....and while it’s not a documentary and takes liberties for dramatic effect, that it’s based on a real world event lends a real feeling of significance and gravitas to each episode. I never realized how horrifying ARS is, and how there was no way to fix things without knowingly throwing thousands of people to their deaths that would entail unfathomable suffering.

I’m quite bummed it’s only five episodes tbh, although I don’t know how they’d be able to string it out over many seasons. Unlike most shows, it starts with a bang and deals with the (literal) fallout instead of working up to one.

But yeah, Chernobyl’s great. Highly recommended.

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The first half of death note

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When They See Us on Netflix.

It's the tragic story of the Central Park Five and how racial bias blinded the NYPD from seeking out the actual rapist who raped that woman. This story touched home for me cause it reminded me of all the lessons and warnings My parents, teachers and other adults gave me growing up in Harlem. They actually filmed a scene on my block a few months back, the dog I was dog sitting at the time even barked at one of the extras. 🤣

Linda Fairstein and that fucking animal Donald Trump deserve to die painfully slow and agonizing deaths for their roles in that tragedy.

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American Horror Story has several seasons but each season is a stand alone story. Same actors play different roles.

I like Black Mirror, though unlike above mentioned, multiple seasons, each episode is its own stand alone story so no need to invest oneself in whole thing.

I also really liked Dark on Netflix. Limitless, following events from movie, also liked that, and writers knew well enough to call it quits after one season saying it was too hard to keep writing it, which showed toward end.

Altered Carbon was pretty cool, but they will make more I read. HBO has a few already mentioned if you like war stuff, Band of Brothers, Generation Kill, The Pacific.

Freaks and Geeks, it was planned to go on longer but cancelled in first season, it has kind of established greater appeal after it was cancelled. Reminds me of Firefly in that respect.

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Chozen - if you like the early seasons of archer you'll like this but don't read the premises or watch trailers. It will ruin it.

Doom patrol - it's touch and go but overall great.

Swamp thing - so far the first episode was great.

Good omens

Final space