who knows how to use the program GIMP?

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this is the most difficult program to get use to and learn. who else has tried it, post how you usually put pictures and stuff together etc.
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I've got it, and I've used it to do basic things, but being used to Photoshop I'm amazed at how difficult the GIMP makes everything.

The other day I was just trying to carve pieces out of a layer using the selection tool - I figured I could highlight an area and hit the delete key, like Photoshop (and like you'd think). Nope. I ended up just cutting over and over, but there's got to be a better way. The whole program seems powerful enough, but it's not even as user friendly as an old version of Photoshop.

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I'm decent with it.
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I use it for simple things.
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That is why people should use GIMPshop >_>