Whats the name of this movie???

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Okay, I saw another person make a post like this and someone was able to find the movie for them. Theres this movie that has come back into my mind a few times over the years. I believe I watched it about 8 years ago. It was some shitty horror movie on TV. What i remember from it is these mud pits/mud patches, and underneath them were a cavern/group of some sort of monsters. These appeared in this random rural town. People would wonder what they are/walk over them and get grabbed and pulled into them. I think thats about all i remember from it. I dont know if i care about the quality of the movie, but its driving me insane that i remember some of the scenes so well but i have NO CLUE what this freakin movie is. If you can help, THANK YOU. No matter what, have a good day/night/morning where ever and whenever youre reading this.

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I think you are referring to is the movie Tremors.

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Awwww, man. I don't think Tremors is shitty. You dun bummed me out. :-(

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Yeah, I was gonna say Tremors also. Good movie imo.

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Tremors is a masterpiece.

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No, not tremors. it was an actually shitty movie youd see on the scy fy channel when they started playing crap. I do like tremors.

Thanks though guys, but thats not it.