What was your favourite subject in school?

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#51 Posted by -Vulpix- (2523 posts) -

Mostly just History/Geography and Science.

Did like English/American Literature and some subjects in Math though otherwise think I found majority of Math to be boring.

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#52 Posted by koospetoors (3661 posts) -
Straight up tie between Biology and English for me. Strangely enough I also hold Physical Sciences in very, very high regard although I absolutely loathed it and ended up nearly failing the damn subject.
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#53 Posted by Guybrush_3 (8308 posts) -

I enjoyed history back in grade school. I was considering majoring in history for a while, but I decided that I should change the world rather than just write about someone else who did. That is why I became an artist.Laihendi

Trolling is a art.

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#54 Posted by Toph_Girl250 (48978 posts) -
History, Science, Biology.
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#55 Posted by t3hrubikscube (20416 posts) -

[QUOTE="t3hrubikscube"]I like most subjects: psychology, Latin, biology, neuroscience, physics, history, music, English, sociology, etc.Stesilaus

Ah, another OTer who studies / studied Latin!  I wish I could remember it now, but it's been many years since I touched it.  :(

Anyway, my top 3 from high school:

  • Physical Science (Chemistry and Physics)
  • Latin
  • Mathematics

Neat! :] I loved Latin so much! I took it for five years in junior high and high school, but I haven't taken any Latin classes in college. I miss it! :(
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#56 Posted by shadowkiller11 (7956 posts) -
ICT in school because in the last two years we had 5 hours of it on Friday which means a day of ICT and we hardly done anything but mess about and dick around on my friend's computers Good times.
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#57 Posted by lensflare15 (6608 posts) -

Band, earth science, history, english/literature (in 9th and 10th grade at least)

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#60 Posted by Rockman999 (7232 posts) -

Science, History and when I was in HS Japanese.

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#61 Posted by invisibletearsx (997 posts) -

Modern History

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#62 Posted by October_Tide (5396 posts) -

Probably History or Legal Studies.

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#63 Posted by meatgrinderz (1329 posts) -

English being a big book worm. I even enjoyed reading all the old classic literature. It was my major in college, before I switched to Biology. 

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#64 Posted by Kats_RK (2080 posts) -

It's kinda sad that I never had a favourite subject in school.

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#65 Posted by JasonDarksavior (9323 posts) -
History, I loved every lesson.
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#66 Posted by CursedChamp (485 posts) -
History is my favorite subject in high school and now college.