What is your favorite Disney animated film?

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Don't deny it, we all love Disney. Which animated film is your favorite? Computer animated films like Tangled and Frozen are fine but please avoid using projects from Pixar.

Mine is Aladdin followed very closely by The Lion King and then the other two of the quadfecta(Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid). I just saw a recent airing of the film and surprisingly it was still every bit as good as it was '92.

May Robin William rest in peace.

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The Lion King or Toy Story it's between them too.

I know toy story is pixar but I still see the orignal toy story as an old school ish Disney film

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The Lion King

Beauty and the Beast

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Lion King is still my favourite, with Beauty and the Beast at a close second. Disney and Pixar (Toy Story!) separated were a lot better than Disney Pixar, although I think their movie quality is slowly improving (Frozen and Brave were pretty decent), and Dreamworks isn't bad either, but nowadays pretty much everybody can do a decent 3D movie, even Universal has some nice ones (Despicable me, etc)

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Its between Robin Hood and Jungle Book for me

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  • Mulan
  • Toy Story 1
  • Toy Story 2

One of my favorites song ever is:

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@Master_Live: Yep, Tale as Old as Time is simply beautiful! =D

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Goofy Movie. Hated the sequel though.

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The Lion King although I haven't seen any of the new disney movies in years.

My two favorite songs from the movie.



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The Lion King. (Lion King 2 suck ass)

101 Dalmatian.


The Jungle Book.

Treasure Planet.

Those are my top 5 Disney movies I enjoy.

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Beauty and the Beast.

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The Jungle Book.

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From older traditional re-releaed cell animation, Dumbo.

From stuff that release when I was a kid, a tossup between Aladdin and Lion King.

From the later Disney-Pixar stuff it's a tossup between Up and Brave.

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Robin hood (1973)

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No particular order

Beauty and the beast

Lion king


Toy story

Princess frog

Emperors new groove (underrated)

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Pure Disney: The Lion King

Pixar: Toy Story

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Goofy no doubt

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Toy Story and Hercules