What Heavy Metal Genre are you?

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Bored, so I found this random quiz. What Heavy Metal Genre are you?

You Scored as Thrash Metal

Thrash Metal–85%
New Metal–53%
Death Metal–33%
Black Metal–30%
Power Metal–25%

Other than non-metal and power metal being way lower than they should be, it's pretty accurate. Can't stand most death and black metal bands.

Also, 'NEW Metal' is not a thing, I think it's supposed to say 'Nu Metal.'

There's also this 80 question quiz that's a lot more thorough, though I don't know even half of the bands on there.

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The kind with banjos and clarinets. In fact skip the banjos, just give me a straight wood wind section.

That's some good heavy metal right there.

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I'm more wood than Metal.

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I am titanium

You shoot me down but I won't fall

I am titanium

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my fav is folk metal.

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Thrash Metal90%
Death Metal53%
Power Metal45%
Black Metal38%

New Metal

Quite accurate too, maybe Black Metal above Metalcore.


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@Master_Live said:



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The one where you can't understand shit but still somehow enjoy it.

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I got Kawaii Metal!

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None. I'm a person.

I thought that my 13 year old female cousin was the only one who cared about these type of dumbass quizzes.

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I'm a little too old to be taking these quizzes but I'm definitely a black metal kind of guy. It's a more dynamic sub-genre than death metal, and is probably the most all-encompassing sub-genre in music. For example: I can't think of any electronic dance bands with black metal parts, but I can name at least a few black metal bands that write black metal with electronic dance parts. Same for country, psychedelic rock, etc. pretty much everything except hip hop, pop, and dub step. I can't think of any black metal bands that use elements from those genres.

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I won't take the quiz, but I'm a 1st wave of black metal guy. Bathory, Celtic Frost/Hellhammer, and all that stuff.

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That's just bloody noise.