What are your feel good songs?

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Just like my other thread about games what about music what are your favorite uplifting songs?

Here's some of mine.

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Probably Tom Petty hits with Learning to Fly being a high point. His songs make me happy while I’m out and about.

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Mo Town and Soul usually lifts me up pretty good.

Son of a Preacher Man just has a nice mellow groove to it.

I Can't Stand the Rain, while a sad song, just makes me feel good. She's singing about a former lover and missing him, but at the same time it sounds like she is being strong and getting over it.

The Boss is also pretty good. Sort of a happy, ass-kicking song. Like, hey man, don't start none, won't be none. How's your day going? Hyahh! Get down.

Also a little Lamb of God always picks me up. Just so emotionally purging, you're not going to feel sad after listening to a bit of Omerta, that's for sure.

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A lot of Classic Rock, biggest band I have always followed is AC/DC. But I love a lot of bands.

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Plenty. Mostly 90's R&B though.

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Oasis always been my go to gutted they probably will never get together again.

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This always makes me feel good in the mornings whenever I'm doing my morning exercise:

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I love Rob Zombie :)

@brimmul777 said:

A lot of Classic Rock, biggest band I have always followed is AC/DC. But I love a lot of bands.

  • Hells' Bells
  • Thunderstruck
  • Back in Black
  • TNT
  • Highway to Hell
  • Dirty Deeds
  • Rock & Roll Train

Yep, I also listen to AC/DC from time to time myself even though I'm not the biggest fan.

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I'll cover a few different genres, in the interest of variety;

-Lovely Day by Bill Withers is supreme smoothness.

-So High by Grind Mode or Love Slide by Casper for jookin' and dancing.

-Keys to the City by Diamond in a Lotus for the feels ad bouncing.

-Glamarous by Fergie for the pop.

-Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand for the energy.

-Before I Forget by Slipknot for the umph.

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Dr. Feelgood

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lately this entire album has been serving that purpose for me. up beat and high energy and so much fun to just rock out to. definitely a mood lifter

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@davillain-: Great song and video game!!!