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So I was in the gym 2 days back, and on one of television they were showing Watchmen.

I remember watching Watchmen a long while back, and liking it so much I put it on my top 10 favorite super hero movies of all time.

Wondering what everyone else thought on the film?

Did you like,hate,or did love the philosophy ideas about human morality and the American Dream?

I wanna know.


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Movie was alright. Graphic novel was good but overrated. Rorscach was a great character though.

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Movie is dull, comic is much better.

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Graphic novel is great. Movie is shit.

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Watchmen is an incredible movie. One of Zack Snyder's finest. The intro in the beginning is some of the best cinematography I've seen in a while and it's so different from the slew of generic PG-13 super hero movies released yearly. Not to mention Rorschach is a badass character.

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#6 Posted by foxhound_fox (96695 posts) -

Graphic novel is great, movie is okay, but a good interpretation.

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Good movie I remember watching it a while ago.

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The movie was great, thought it was a really good film. Blue dong

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#9 Posted by Blue-Sky (10379 posts) -

I don't think you can make a good movie out of Watchmen without either omitting important details or splitting it up into sequels.

But I thought the ending was a good compromise and it was ok for a Zack Synder film.

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#10 Posted by LoG-Sacrament (20397 posts) -

for all the superhero movies that got unnecessary sequels, watchmen had way too much crammed in to one movie. there were so many characters and plot points that the runtime couldn't support it all. the big twist of the movie came and all i could think was "so what?" the character in question had no time to develop. there was just no room to let anything or anybody breath.

that and snyder's flourishes largely didn't work. i really like the opening credit sequence and how that established the world so efficiently, but there were a lot of other sequences that were just plain bad. the violence wasn't supposed to be glorified, but snyder depicts it in the same way he does in 300. other attempts at irony came off as similarly gratuitous.