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I've been unwell lately. So here I am back to gaming. This kind of reminds me of when I did a show out at pax east. I met pro fps player when i was modelling some clothes. She became sick and had to stay home from school. She had to be home schooled. She barely had enough energy to sit upright. She would lie in bed and play. If the outside world is not an option. We still have the gaming world :)

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@lilletsy: I've been feeling similarly.

The world just seems full of bad people and not enough positive things to do at times. Just a few minutes ago I heard some neighbor of mine walking by my apartment door, talking about beating someone's ass and shooting them. Real salt of the Earth folks, I tell you.

I tried a couple of times over the past few years to get away from gaming so much, and spending a lot of money on the hobby. I tried really hard to spend more time hanging out with friends and meeting girls. But nothing really came of it. I just spent more money sitting alone in restaurants and sports bars, and driving all around trying to figure out someplace where I could meet people.

Eventually you wind up worse off and just want to get away from everyone and go enjoy some video games. ...Except you still live in a town that's apparently full of shitty people, and still don't feel comfortable being at home.

I wonder if it's just my city or if every place is like this now.

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@Ovirew: well i hope u find what ur looking for

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@Ovirew: Maybe try stuff until something works. At least now you know those things don't work anymore