RIP Stephen Hillenburg (Spongebob creator) 1961-2018

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Complications of ALS. The man's work was a part of my childhood and even as an adult, much of classic SpongeBob has some solid workplace (retail) commentary.

RIP :( Thanks for everything, Stephen!

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Never watched Spongebob, was already married when it came out so I'm too old to have been caught on that wave. However, I understand that the whole thing was inspired by one of my favorite albums, so I figure he had good music taste.

Anyway, ALS is a horrible way to go. RIP.

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I heard it today while I was at work. It was sad news. He will be missed.

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That's very sad. He died really young.

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I never watched Spongebob Squarepants, but I know the show was loved by many. Waiting for a Bill Maher blog about this one...

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It frightens me how many things can go wrong in the human body.

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That’s sad to hear. I never knew the guy and only watched Spongebob here and there with my young nephew and niece but it was a pretty funny show.

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Born the same year I was.....and Obama. R.I.P.

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Thanks for all the meme material.

*in all seriousness, RIP. Brought a lot of joy to a lot of people.

@lordlobster said:

It frightens me how many things can go wrong in the human body.

Don't forget all the things that can go right! Either on their own, with science, or through sheer will.